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Listen: "IDFC" - Blackbear (Random Acts Rarely Exist and Kuga Remix)

Random Acts Rarely Exist and Kuga pick up the pace of Blackbear's 2015 track

The worlds of R&B and future bass are already close enough as it is, so when an artist manages to remix a song from one genre in the style of the other while still bringing something new to the table you have to give it some praise. Random Acts Rarely Exist (RARE) and Kuga have accomplished exactly that with their future bass remix of Blackbear's 2015 single "IDFC."

Where the source material was underpinned by a slow-building downtempo arrangement, RARE and Kuga's remix quickly works its way to the buildup, after which a pad synth-heavy drop follows. Blackbear's angsty lyrics are still front and center in the arrangement, however, with the other production elements forming an ornate bouquet around them.

RARE and Kuga's remix of Blackbear's "IDFC" is out now. After listening to it in the SoundCloud player up above, make a trip down to the comments section and let us know what you think.

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