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Listen: “Pinnk Slippz” - Sandboards [Feel My Bicep]

New Zealand duo Sandboards makes a spirited debut on Bicep’s imprint


Bicep’s become a favorite of house and techno aficionados the world over as of late, but they’ve elected to use their influence as a platform for a somewhat more obscure act. The Irish DJ/producers have just released a track titled “Pink Slippz” by a Kiwi duo known as Soundboards to their record label, Feel My Bicep.

Predicated on understated percussion and a reverberant bass line, “Pink Slippz” builds up to a melodic peak with the sort of synths that simultaneously sound like they’re from both the past and the future. The second bridge provides a pleasant respite from the dance floor-friendly energy of the rest of the arrangement.

With any luck, this won’t be the last we see from Soundboards in the months to follow. Keep an eye out for more music from the New Zealand duo after listening to “Pink Slippz” above, and leave a comment down below to tell us what you think.

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Source: Mixmag

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