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Meet The Nuggy, The "Swiss Army" Knife For Cannabis Users

Have you been looking for an all in one super tool for your Cannabis consumption needs?
The Nuggy - 10 Tools in one

The Nuggy - 10 Tools in one

Ok, so whoever dreamed up this tool is kind of a mad cannabis super genius. If you've ever loaded a bong, scraped a bowl, dabbed, vaped, or rolled various forms of cannabis then you have probably needed one or all of these tools. 

Most vaporizers and other devices come with a grouping of little tools that almost always end up between the couch cushions or lost in some void with your left socks leaving you to your own devices. Now your devices can be one device!

Meet "The Nuggy" a compact little ten-in-one tool that will most definitely make your life easier when you are preparing to imbibe some vapor or smoke. It's got just about everything you could think of except a brush, it's even got a flashlight.

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We got a sample unit and ran it through some very rigorous testing, ok some semi-rigorous testing. Overall it's a solid little piece of gear, well made and very well priced at around thirty bucks so you are not going to break the bank if it falls of the ski lift. Someone is definitely drop one of a ski lift this year, guaranteed!

You can order one on the Nugtools website here

Check out the video below and go snag one for yourself. The theme song is even kind of catch... "passss the nuggy."

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