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Meet Vibble: An App that Simplifies the Art of the DJ Mix

Vibble is a DJ mix app with the mobile generation in mind

With the barrier of entry for DJs growing smaller by the day, more and more apps designed to easily generate continuous mixes are hitting the market in droves. Among the companies setting out to simplify the art of DJing into a singular, first-class mobile experience is Noregian-based Soundio, and the app in question is Vibble.

Last week we showed you a similar app that has been integrated with music streaming platform Spotify, but Vibble differs in that it has partnered with SoundCloud instead. Magnetic Magazine was recently afforded the opportunity to ask one of Vibble's founders, Erlend Hausken, a few questions, and you can see what he had to say about the innovative new product below.

Vibble is a unique music app in the way that it lets you play sound effects and beats over the song that is playing. What was the thinking behind that functionality?

Erlend Hausken: Our idea was to create a fun and super simple tool for mixing music, an app that would give people some serious mixing skills with cool samples from our favorite artists and genres, and the ability to create professional-sounding transitions just by swiping a finger. Also, we wanted a tool that could turn our music and playlists from SoundCloud and iTunes into creative mixtapes, and Vibble turned out to be that tool.

How do you see people interacting with Vibble? Is this something people will plug into at parties, or is it for personal use?

Erlend Hausken: Our goal is to make the creative process in music available to a broader audience. We want to do to music what Instagram has done to photography. In a world where streaming has made music available anywhere at any given moment, we're creating a platform where music fans, artists and brands can come together and create new, fun and engaging music experiences. 

Technology has allowed us to move far beyond the iPod's "thousand songs in your pocket." Today, we have a thousand playlists in our pockets, and we think it's about time people start being creative with all that music. We see people using Vibble on their commute to school and work, at parties, at home, and at the gym. All kinds of people really. We are artists, designers and mechanical engineers. We are students, teenagers, wish-we-were-still-teenagers, parents and even grandparents. We paint, we skate, we write and we study international affairs. Looking at the numbers and seeing the total time per week people use Vibble is making us seriously dancy.

It currently works with SoundCloud and other streaming services in the mix here, or is that kind of integration coming soon?

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Erlend Hausken: We are in dialogue with all the major streaming services. We chose to launch with SoundCloud support because that's where the raw creativity in music is at the moment, and has been for quite a while - but people shouldn't be surprised if we add another major streaming service to the mix pretty soon.

How many expansion packs do you see coming out this year?

Erlend Hausken: The feedback from the international music industry has been phenomenal so far, and we're being contacted every day by artists and labels all over the world asking to get their packs in Vibble. That's awesome, and we'll add more packs in 2016 for sure. We don't want to add too much too soon though. Our focus has been to collaborate with young, creative talents where we feel that we can also bring something to the table, something that feels right and useful to them. The artists have stories to tell through their music, and we want to help telling those stories. This has resulted in great collaborations with incredible artists such as Drippin and THIAS, and we're releasing a pack with Mad Decent artist Henrik the Artist very, very soon. And more is on its way.

Now for the hard question. Do you think people will grow with this app? It seems really easy to mess around with it and eventually get bored with it?

Erlend Hausken: Even though we're on a mission to open up the world of creativity in music to more people, it's very important to us that you get rewarded if you invest time in Vibble. We have built Vibble so that if you spend time with it you can create some really great stuff. We see DJs and producers that use Vibble to play around with new beats and rhythms and quickly test new ideas, and we see great mashups and mixes being created every day, from New York and LA to Berlin, Paris and London. Vibble will of course not replace professional DJ equipment, but we hope that its ease of use can open up the creative process to a new generation of aspiring DJs. 

DJs read the floor and create magic through their personal taste of music and ability to organically build contrasts and tension. Vibble cannot do that, but we hope that it can get even more people interested in the history and art behind DJing and music production. We have some features in the works that will increase stickiness a lot. Be prepared:)

What does the next version look like? More interaction? More complex?

Erlend Hausken: Our biggest challenge so far has been to resist the urge to add more and more features into Vibble. We want to keep it simple, fun and super engaging. That being said, we are continuously working on new and better features, so people should expect to see some new really great stuff in the very near future.

Why "Vibble?" How did you come up with the name?

Erlend Hausken: Vibble is about playing with music, so we tried to find a word for that. Realizing that it didn't exist we decided to create it. We took inspiration from the word scribble, which means effortlessly playing with words or drawing, and we created Vibble. Vibble now means playing with a vibe, playing with music. Also, the Norwegian word for vibe is vibb.

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