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Nazariff Reimagines Lady Gaga's "Perfect Illusion" as a Serene Downtempo Soundscape

Lady Gaga's recent single gets a stripped-down remix by Nazariff

If you clicked on this purely because you didn't realize Lady Gaga was still releasing music, you wouldn't be the only one. Sure enough, her singer/songwriter career is still chugging along, and Nazariff has delivered a downtempo remix of her recent single, "Perfect Illusion."

The Maryland producer - who started his current artist project in 2012 - borrowed a fair amount from the source material, lowering the tempo significantly and swapping out its instrumental samples for vast, echoey synth work. The occasional 808 drum roll anchors the arrangement to what most contemporary electronic music fans might consider to be familiar territory, making for a remix with some degree of crossover appeal.

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"It's a left field take on my usual future bass/trap style with a darker lo-fi edge," said Nazariff in regards to his remix. "I was a fan of the original and wanted to put my own spin on it after the stems surfaced online."

Nazariff will also be performing at Nightmare Festival in Darlington, Maryland on October 29th - so fans of his remix of Lady Gaga's "Perfect Illusion" can look forward to hearing him play it out there. In the meantime, cue it up in the SoundCloud player above and look out for more from him in the months to follow.

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