Dan and Chris

Dan and Chris

Dark and chaotic, dangerous er...crescendos? Downright crushing (it)! 
All of these would be reasonable and relevant explanations behind the DC in DC Breaks - but actually, it just stands for Dan and Chris. Hey Dan and Chris! Horrible artwork on the new one, but thankfully that whacking great arachnid is not the only monster present on this release...

Making it's debut at Glastonbury 2015, the wait for the release of "Arcade" has been long. The payoff however is very sweet and they have dished up a stellar VIP mix of 2011's "Creeper" alongside. I could wax lyrical about the crunching snare, quaking subs and fluctuating bass notes - but I'd just be using words to fill a need that only listening can really satisfy...

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Plus, I'd be ripping off RAM's press release (top word work team).

DC Breaks have had a swathe of releases on RAM over the past four years - Breathe, Faithless, Sidewinder, Swag - we can only hope that the increasing regularity of these signals an album announcement soon...

It's out to cause some RAM style damage on the 28th of October.

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