Loadstar wishing they hadn't changed the channel. 

Loadstar wishing they hadn't changed the channel. 

Hold it! Don't you dare twiddle that knob - there shall be no changing of channel here, Loadstar. Your latest tune is way too tight to be mucking around with that lark. 

Trailing singles behind them like a bass-peddling Hansel and Gretel, Loadstar are now blazing a trail toward their forthcoming LP with today's premiere, "Change The Channel."  It's the A side to the equally ostentatious (that means designed to impress - I looked it up) "Encarta," and it's one bracing piece of work.

'80s orchestral vibes lay the groundwork and you may find yourself dusting off the stirrup pants, ready for a spot of nostalgia... Oh, but what lies in wait. Bass incoming! Yes, it's the nasty kind, and it's wound itself tightly around the melody's internal organs. 

Also, what a sample! Bit of a taster to whet your appetite: 

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"Every generation is full of lost, fucked up kids who need to hear that they’re not whole. They hear it through the records we make. Those kids - they need a voice.

Holy smoke.

Gavin Harris and Nick Hill set themselves some lofty goals as Loadstar with the dubbing of their recent debut album, Future Perfect. After listening to this offering, we here at Magnetic can safely confirm that the duo do not spiel smack. Dial firmly tuned in, lads, and awaiting the next killer album.

"Change The Channel" officially comes out tomorrow, October 14th.

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