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Premiere: Check Out "Instinct" by Vin Sol (Ultramajic)

Check out our premiere of Vin Sol's energetic and innovative lead single "Instinct" from his debut release on Jimmy Edgar's Ultramajic.
Vin Sol's "Instinct"

Vin Sol's "Instinct"

With great esteem and much excitement, we are honored to premiere Vin Sol's debut on Ultramajic with single "Instinct" from the EP of the same name releasing on October 7.

"Instinct" immediately commands your attention. It seizes you right away, albeit in a smooth way, but still demands your focus. Then, it briskly keeps the party moving forward like some wonderful underground conga line. It's a track you'll clap to, it's a track you'll get down to, it's a track that lives true to its "Instinct" name. Vin Sol seems to magically conjure up and engage some unknown instinct deep within you to just simply dance. 

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It may be Vin's first release on Ultramajic, but it is a match made in heaven. For those not in the know, Ultramajic and Vin both have uncompromising and very forward thinking ambitions for their music. 

Ultramajic's aesthetic is  starkly recognizable, both visually and sonically. They consistently release impressive cutting edge, energized house and techno, and Vin Sol's "Instinct" grooves sweetly in synch.

The "Instinct" EP comes out October 7, so don't be a fool, dig deep and engage the instinct for good music you know you have and snag it!

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