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Prepare For Halloween And Minimal Effort With A Dark And Groovy Playlist From Waze & Odyssey

Ease into the Halloween spirit with tracks from Bwana, Sidney Charles, Marcos in Dub, and more.
Waze & Odyssey minimal effort

If you live in Los Angeles, or anywhere within traveling distance, you know that your best bet for getting down to some dark and deep house and techno tunes around Halloween is always going to be Minimal Effort

Taking place on October 29th at L.A. Center Studios in downtown L.A., the lineup boasts a stacked list of artists that includes Pete Tong, Kidnap Kid, Jonas Rathsman, Steve Bug, Coyu, Tensnake, Thugfucker, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, a live set from Tiga, and many more. 

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To celebrate the occasion, and to get you into the Halloween spirit, we were able to team us with current L.A. residents Waze & Odyssey to help you prepare for the much anticipated night a thrilling playlist that perfectly balances dark, deep and groovy. 

Dive in below, and don't forget to swoop some tickets to Minimal Effort to see Waze & Odyssey and much more in action. 

1. "Flute Dreams" - Bwana

"Love the mood of this one and on a great label too; nice mood to start a set, like a bit of a palate cleanser. Might be an interesting set starter for Halloween. Love the weirdness of it, but it still keeps you locked in a groove."

2. "Boomtang" - Kudus feat Moji

"All-out groover, this one. Dropped it in a small radio studio in Soho in Central London last night to a few heads and it instantly had an amazing reaction. Definitely one that makes you want to shake it."

3. "Beginning To The End" - Christian Nielson

"Absolute stomper, this one. Catches you, throws you around, spins you around and chucks you out - an out-and-out heads down groover with some peak moments. Love the bass line on this one, simple and effective business."

4. "Komplex 1 (Jansons Remix)" - Nikola Gala

"Killer this, takes it to the stomp, gets the body moving. Loving the old school sensibilities on this one. We've been big fans of Nikola Gala for a while now, and Jansons is a new guy we've been checking a lot of. Very talented producer."

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5. "Paffo's Riff" - Emmanuel Satie

"Heard a couple of DJs playing this, on Daley [A.K.A. Hot Since 82]'s label Knee Deep - this is a belter. Emmanuel Satie hitting the Latin vibes on this one. Been enjoying his productions and supporting them in our sets, this definitely hits the sweet spot."

6. "Rain At My Feet" - System2

"This takes it back a little. Love that acid feeling, nice little groove to this one and would keep you bouncing no doubt!"

7. "Play It Loud (Mihalis Safras Remix)" - Marco Carola

"Such a bouncy number on Yousef's Circus label. We actually dropped this at Circus' 14th birthday in Liverpool the other week when we played with him, Loco Dice and Patrick Topping. Just keeps on giving, this one."

8. "House Is All I Need" - Sidney Charles

"Big one this, got the jack and smacks you in the face. I love the injection of energy that this record brings. Big fan of Sidney Charles in general - top producer, DJ and cool guy!"

9. "Luos Onhcet" - Marcos in Dub

"Love how trippy this is, also kicks but it's not an out and out club banger, it's just got this great flow to it that mesmerizes. Seems to go off in the club!"

10. "Rugburn (Palace Remix)" - Quell

"Pulled this out the bag again recently. It's on our label, Street Tracks, and Maya Jane Coles was hammering it for a while - such a beast. Quell is a top guy and great producer! We got our friend Palace (who now goes by the name of Deejay Astral - check his recent EP out on our label) to remix it and this was the result. CHECK!"

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