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Watch: Richie Hawtin and the PLAYdifferently MODEL 1

The Plastikman gives us two exclusive looks at his new mixer in the time that's passed since its debut
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Richie Hawtin live from Exit Festival

When Richie Hawtin first announced his venture into the world of hardware, people had no clue what to expect. There were all sorts of rumors, one being that he was putting out a mixer - then came the teasers in the form of barely visible glimpses in videos and images. 

This past May we got a full reveal of the six-channel, all-analogue mixer, complete with zero traditional EGs. Many minds were boggled at the concept, wondering just how one could master such a thing. Fast forward to today, and Hawtin answers not only how to use it, but how he implements it into his live setup, demonstrating how in two videos. 

In the first video, aptly titled, "How I Play," we get to see just how Hawtin performs, using a mixture of Traktor controllers, the Model 1, Ableton's first push controller, as well as a small modular setup. At the heart of his rig, he runs three decks on Traktor, ensuring he never loses sight of the actual art of DJing. Everything else, he says, adds the depth and emotion his sets are known for. As for all the other details - well, I'll let the man speak for himself:

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In the next video, the talking subsides, and we see Hawtin put his money where his mouth is, playing a multilayered, beautiful set using his creation in a way only he knows how, all in under seven minutes:

As if all of this wasn't enough, for those of you lucky enough to be attending Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) this year, Hawtin, as well as Irish techno don Matador, will be giving two separate masterclasses on the Model 1 in conjunction with the Amsterdam iteration of ENTER., which is predictably stacked as always. If you're going to be in Amsterdam for ADE and would like to attend, you can see a full schedule of the EXPERIENCE. workshops below:


ENTER Experience ADE

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