Big year for Jack and Dave from SpectraSoul! They've rampaged along into new turf launching their label, Ish Chat Music, and then blasted out not one, but two EP's on it. 

Only You was the first and now, we're about to get all up in their new Stock Sound EP. Feeling a bit more cozy in their new environment, the goal was to venture a bit darker and a bit deeper - challenge those perceptions and expectations.

"The Stock Sound EP is a return to a darker, more melancholy mood, whilst trying to retain a playfulness that we believe has been missing in recent times. Diversity is also key for us - this EP showcases a few of our dance floor ventures as well as a the more experimental end of the spectrum."

Preach soul brothers! They've taken time out this week to give us the breakdown of their top 10 faves... Biased? Maybe! In an outstandingly sexy Spectra kinda way...

Last week we went head to head with Mob Tactics!

"Stock Sound" - SpectraSoul [Ish Chat Music]

The title track from our new EP and a little insight into our weirder side. Starting life out as a sampled conversation between a well-known rapper and producer discussing 808 samples, it slowly morphed into a beastly, bass-driven stepper. 

"Frogspawn" - SpectraSoul feat. Break [Ish Chat Music]

The first collaboration on Ish Chat Music features none other than king of the rollers himself, Break. We wanted to explore the dirtier end of the 85BPM spectrum and try some experimentation with vocals, too. Really happy with how this one came out.

"Missing You" - LSB feat. DRS & Tyler Daley [Soul:R]

Summer anthem alert. This has been going down a treat everywhere we've played it. Signature Tyler Daly vocals complimented by DRS' verses, and Luke's feel good music. Wicked tune.

"Gold Standard" - SpectraSoul [Ish Chat Music]

This one was another synth experiment that spawned a whole track. We made a few in this vein that came about through synth experiments and lots of weird, happy accident plugin chains. This one is pure bass and lashing, half-speed beats.

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"Still Standing (Lenzman Remix)" - Children of Zeus [The North Quarter]

A great remix by Lenzman who takes the original and flips it with his signature style. Simple, grooving drums accompanied by heartfelt vocals and blissful melodies. Lovely stuff.

"Tough Linen" - SpectraSoul [Ish Chat Music]

Harking back to the days of tracks like "Mimic" and "Organiser," this one is a stepper. We rehashed and repurposed an old Joshua Idehen recording to keep this one playful and not too serious, while trying to make something that hits hard in the clubs.

"Tempest" - Alix Perez [1985 Music]

Wonky half-time goodness from Mr Perez. Out on his recently formed 1985 Music, "Tempest" is a lesson in bass etiquette. A real head nodder!

"Waiting For…" - SpectraSoul [Ish Chat Music]

Delving into our musical side for this one. We approached it in quite a traditional way, good samples, simple drums, and a killer vocal. Goes down really well in the clubs, hold tight the sing along crew!

"Who Got Tha Funk?" - Break [Symmetry Recordings]

The king of the rollers is back, and this time he's brought the funk! Crusty funk breaks with trademark devastating bass, meaning that this one has been causing a serious stir on the dance floors.

 "AKA Yoob" SpectraSoul [Ish Chat Music]

This is us in playful mode. We haven't written a bouncy track like this before and we were trying some stuff out in the writing period for this EP and this track was born. It's certainly not one for a sullen-face rave. Playful is probably the right adjective, ha!

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