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Spotify Users Report Being Sent to Malware/Virus-Ridden Sites

This isn't the first time Spotify Free users have reported similar issues


Unsettling news has surfaced in regards to Spotify, as a handful of its users claim to have been sent to websites containing malware and viruses as a result of using the streaming service. A small portion of subscribers to Spotify Free, which is the platform's lowest subscription tier, have had questionable websites open in popup windows from the default browser of their device.

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In a post made in the Spotify Community message board, a user complained that they were being sent to websites containing malware and viruses on three separate devices, apparently as a result of using the service. After numerous other users echoed the complaint on social media a Spotify representative responded, acknowledging that the issue had been identified - but claiming that it had been isolated to a single advertisement on the Free tier.

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It bears mention that this is not the first time Spotify users have been sent to harmful websites as a result of using the service; advertising networks tend not to monitor their ads strictly until such issues arise. While the music streaming giant's staff appear to have dealt with the immediate matter at hand, time will tell whether or not it will remain an ongoing issue.

Source: The Telegraph

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