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“Stop Calling Us Horrorcore” by $uicideboy$ and Getter Contains a Virtually Unchanged Sample Pack Sound Effect

Seriously, we couldn’t make this up if we tried
$lick $loth of $uicideboy$

$lick $loth of $uicideboy$

This has got to be a joke. There’s simply no way that two separate acts - each of whom were recently embroiled in separate controversies regarding music theft - collaborated on a track whose arrangement features a nearly unaltered sound byte from a sample pack released by Trap Veterans called 808 Mood.

Back in July, bass music provocateur Getter collaborated with self-proclaimed New Orleans “shadow rap” group $uicideboys$ on a single titled “Stop Calling Us Horrorcore.” Recently, fans have discovered that an air horn-like sound effect in the beginning of the song bears a resemblance to an only slightly pitched-down version of a similar one in 808 Mood.

Granted, the sounds in sample packs such 808 Mood are free to use by anyone who pays for them. It’s simply bad form for a producer not to at least twist a few more knobs on the VST so that it wouldn’t be quite as easy to pick out.



We wouldn’t be all that surprised if this was another elaborate ploy on the part of Getter to keep his name trending on social media. Really, we kind of just hope that’s the case for his sake.

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Listen to “Stop Calling Us Horrorcore” by Getter and $uicideboys below, and then cross-reference it with the sound effect in Trap Veterans’ 808 Mood sample pack by clicking here.

Source: Your EDM

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