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This Legendary DJ Contributed the First Unofficial Remix Uploaded to Spotify and Apple Music

Is this the first step of Spotify's impending dismemberment of SoundCloud?
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Spotify and Apple Music have made a major step forward, as they've each uploaded their first unofficial remix of an original track to their respective libraries - in this case, DJ Jazzy Jeff's take on Anderson .Paak's "Room In Here." As mundane as the mile marker of sorts might seem to the layperson, it marks the long-awaited integration of user-uploaded content services on the part of each platform.

Both Spotify and Apple Music had forged partnerships with music rights management platform Dubset in the spring with the ultimate goal of expanding their platform to include a platform by which users can legally upload unofficial song remixes and multiple-track DJ mixes. By using proprietary technologies dubbed MixSCAN and MixBANK, Dubset will enable distributors of music streamed through either service to collect royalties every time a component of one of their tracks is played.

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Of course, SoundCloud's gradual slide toward obsolescence was also recently hastened when its owners entered advanced talks with Spotify in regards to the latter streaming service's acquisition of the former. This new progress only makes a strong case for Spotify to scrap SoundCloud altogether once it harvests its user base following the purchase.

Needless to say, it appears that 2017 will see an irreversibly altered music streaming landscape. We'll keep you posted on additional developments from each of these companies as they emerge.

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