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Traktor Pro Software Now Pioneer DJ Certified

The latest update sees to end the days of external sound cards and countless cables
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Pioneer DJ recently announced that, thanks to their certification program, Traktor Pro 2 and Traktor Scratch Pro 2 now work hand in hand with each other, allowing users to ditch things like extra cables and external sound cards. This is should come as a relief to users who are tired of lugging around extra gear, and greatly decrease setup and tear down times. 


The update works in two ways. First, one can simply connect their Scratch Pro 2 software to a DJM-900NXS2 for instant control of the timecode system via control vinyl, or timecoded discs via CDJs. Moving forward, this effectively erases the need for one of Native Instruments Audio interfaces. 

The second way this update works is through the USB-HID control feature on the CDJ-2000NXS2, which allows you to intuitively control Traktor Pro 2 - including scratching and tempo adjustment without the necessity of a timecode disc. The deck also displays track titles, artwork and other information from the software so you can quickly select your next track without looking at your computer. Again, big. 

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Another major upgrade is the ability to quickly change over to the next artist, thanks to the DJM-900NXS2's dual, built-in sound cards. No more potentially awkward silences as the next DJ sets their gear up - just constantly flowing music, as it should be. And while this update may not seem like much to some, as stated earlier, for those who use external interfaces to connect all their gear, this is massive. Pioneer and Native Instruments have taken the guess work out of what goes where, and allows users to focus more on what's important: the music. 

...That being said, you should still always know how to assemble and disassemble your gear.

For more information, please visit Pioneer DJ's website.

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