Ultra Music Festival is something of a powerhouse as far as electronic music event promoters are concerned. Even though Creamfields may have created the blueprint for worldwide festival brands at the turn of the millennium, Ultra has executed the most successful global conquest of any promoter. Case in point: Their worldwide event attendance has broken the 1 million mark in 2016.

As of this year, Ultra boasts 26 events in 17 countries across five continents - the total attendance of which their event organizers report to be over 1 million. In addition, 165 million people tuned in to Ultra Live via UMF TV to live stream the events, and all of the company's standalone Resistance events in Peru, Chile and Paraguay sold out - as did the debut edition of Ultra Brasil.

Ultra Music Festival Launches "Ultra Passport" Rewards Program for Frequent Festivalgoers

While the figures are certainly staggering, it bears mention that there has been a single festival that already broke the 1 million mark and then some. The annual German event Love Parade had been free to the public as its mobile stages and production had been funded through brand sponsorships, and several different years it was estimated to have seen attendance in excess of 1 million with its 2008 edition reaching 1.6 million. After a stampede resulted in the tragic deaths of 21 people in 2010, however, the festival was indefinitely discontinued.

As far as ticketed worldwide electronic music festival tours are concerned, however, Ultra Music Festival remains king of the mountain. The 2016 EDM bubble burst doesn't appear to have slowed its expansion down whatsoever, so 2017 will likely see it grow to even greater heights.

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