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Watch: deadmau5 Fiddles with Files for Two Dozen Old Projects on Live Stream

Listen to deadmau5 tinker with the documents for songs that date back as far as Get Scraped

Anybody who paid attention to deadmau5 in the beginning of the year knows that he can send ripples through the blogosphere just by uploading a WIP to his SoundCloud account - but hearing him play around with concepts from ten years ago is a real treat. In his latest Twitch live stream, the celebrated producer opened up the files for at least 25 of his songs spanning from 2005 to 2014.

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A video of the live stream was uploaded to YouTube by a user with the handle Wanza7, who was vigilant enough to include time stamps of the point in the recording at which each song is included in the video description. While the uninitiated fan might get bored listening to the 'mau5 play through isolated arpeggios and drum patterns, producers curious about his creative process ought to check out the below video:

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While the files he opened range from the eras of Get Scraped to while 1<2, deadmau5 fans are also looking forward to new music from his upcoming album, which will come out in November. Until then, revisit the most memorable discography in a novel manner by watching the video above.

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