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Watch: Rezz Plays a Hallucinatory House Party in "Paranoid" Video

The music video for a single from Rezz' Something Wrong Here EP has arrived
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If Rezz played a party in our brains, we imagine it would look something like this. The Mau5trap-signed 2016 breakout heroine has just revealed the official music video for "Paranoid" from her recent Something Wrong Here EP, and it features as much eery visual stimuli as anything you'd expect from her.

The video depicts a young man coming across a house party at which an apparently omipresent Rezz appears to be playing multiple rooms while donning her trademark hypnotic LED glasses. The faces of a handful of partygoers change shape as he looks at them, in addition to his own when he steps in front of a mirror (didn't anybody ever teach him never to look in the mirror while partying?).

Aside from "Paranoid," Something Wrong Here contains five tracks of Rezz' signature blend of downtempo, glitch and techno. With any luck one or more of them will receive an official video as well, so keep on the lookout for a follow-up in the weeks to follow.

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