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Weekly Drum and Bass Chart - October 21st, 2016

Drum and bass is an international artform and the likes of Shapeshifter, Alix Perez, Rockwell, and Oder prove it in the chart this week. Smash them down you!

Dare I say it but in this neck of the woods, drum and bass gets even steamier once summer winds down. The festivals and the tents are all well and fine - but I think we can all agree, the real home of drum and bass is somewhere dark, dank and sweaty, and nothing drives to that kind of space quite like a nut-chilling winter. 

To prove a point here, allow me to walk you through a series of formidable events. There's the sold-out Together Halloween in one week, Liquicity incoming in November, NOISIΛ in December, and plans already in action for a tremendous 2017 in the format of Hospitality... in the mother freaking Dock. Oh yes, Tobacco Dock to be precise. So hot cross our buns, that's Easter sorted, and then we're basically at summer again - hooray! 

"Chorus of Disapproval" - Rockwell [Shogun Audio]

Rock to the well hard has an EP incoming on the 28th of this month - so not long to wait! This one's real chill and swell for all the outrage of its namesake.

"Her" - Shapeshifter [Hospital Records]

Shapey, shapey, shapey - nothing gets me quite in the warm and fluffies like this lot. Magnetic also may or may not, have the pleasure of premiering the video for "Her" next week, but that's a secret.

"Chasing Sunrise" - Metrik ft. Elisabeth Troy [Hospital Records]

Both the production and vocals are as sunny, sparkling and twinkling as you’d expect from that album artwork and title. 

"Four Thousand Miles" - Oder [Formation Records]

Never heard of Oder. For any of you in a similar boat, he’s a Portuguese producer who seems to be making the leap over into the DnB playground from other areas of the electronic music world. Watch him go!

"Some Things Never Change - Rene LaVice [RAM Records]

Rene is as consistent as a cheeseburger. Never fails to bring the goods. We could even be tempted to say, some thing's never change... But we won't, coz that's naff.

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"Jungle Cats" - 1991 [MTA Records]

Hong Kong-laced drum and bass. Such a heavy set of drops - hold onto yer chopsticks!

"Have You (Sound In Noise Remix)" - TC [Don't Play]

TC is supporting with Frafix on Wilkinson’s newly announced tour next year. Proper remix fire here, we are happy to report. 

"Golden Hour" - NCT ft. Deuce & Charger [Liquicity]

I am prone to a good, old goosepimple and this track gets me all a-prickle. Gorgeous vocals and blissed out vibes.

"The Ladders" - Alix Perez & Zero T [Dispatch Dubplate]

Apparently, if the hype rings true, this is one of the most infamous unreleased dubs of the past decade. It's pretty sick, I'll give it that.

"Your Love (Mob Tactics Remix)" - Dodge & Fuski [Liquicity]

Digging the Mob Tactics clan of late and really looking forward to catching this one at Viper’s big 100 event in November.

Slapped all together in a big ol' audio burrito....

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