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Weekly Top 10 Trap Chart - Halloween 2016

New trap tunes from Slander, Excision, graves, Rickyxsan, Die Antwoord, Jayceeoh, Mayhem, SLUMBERJACK, Jinco and more. Trick-or-trap.

This is it. The weekend of the witch has arrived. This is the time for devil worshipping, evil spirits and embracing your inner freakiness. It's Halloween, otherwise known as any average weekend for Die Antwoord.

In fact, Die Antwoord's new album Mount Ninji and da Nice Time Kid happens to include a particularly Halloweeny track, "Candy", which you must hear before you go partying this weekend. 

So in the spirit of this candy-filled holiday and trick-or-treating, I present you this trick. This is no ordinary trap chart. I've handpicked every tune to satisfy my craving for the creepy. So while every track is from this year, some have appeared on previous charts, while others are brand new (Slander, Excision, Slumberjack). In the end, it is their Halloween spirit that binds them. 

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So prepare yourself, because this Halloween trap chart is going to be crazy. Lord only knows what you'll make of it. But on this weekend... Halloween weekend... I wouldn't have it any other way. 

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