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Weekly Top 10 Trap Chart - October 14th, 2016

Jauz and San Holo team up for a new world masterpiece, plus new tunes from UZ, Ookay, Styles&Complete, Major Lazer and more. Prepare yourself.

Consider yourself lucky. You've made it to the October 14th, 2016 trap chart, and it's good. So good. I'd love to credit myself for this, but I'm not Jauz, San Holo, UZ, Ookay, Styles&Complete or Major Lazer. These are the ones who deserve the credit for all subconsciously coordinating an outpour of genius this weekend. Allow me not to cheapen the value here with my own words. I will, however, allow James Brown to OG shuffle you into it.

Full playlist at the bottom. 

"OK!" - Jauz and San Holo (Monstercat)

On the one hand, it's hard to imagine how these two couldn't create a masterpiece together. On the other hand, it's equally hard to imagine what that masterpiece would sound like as both artists always find ways to surprise me. Well, as much as I hyped this up and braced for the unexpected, I still find myself floored - even at listen number 156 and counting. Unreal tune.   

"On Fire" ft. UZ, Ian Munro, QGR - Oski (Quality Goods)

*Trap Tune of the Week* Fresh off Oski's new Kid Chrome EP, which came out today, "On Fire" has a little bit of everything. There's a little darkness (as you'd expect with UZ), but then some extraordinarily strong vocals and ridiculous bass. It's not only the strongest track of the EP, it's one of the strongest tracks of the year. I actually delayed the release of this chart until it went live so I could include it in here. It's that good. 

"Pray" - Gianni Marino & ICHI (Tribal Trap)

If you know these two, the best way I can describe this is straight ICHI. There's no squeaky synths to be found. In fact it's very, very much the opposite. Didgeridoo-da, didgeriday. 

"Bring it Back" - Ookay

Definitely one of the more interesting tracks in this week's chart, and no surprise it comes from Ookay. I really want to be listening to this on a balcony in NOLA. Plenty of funk, horns and soul to thrive on Bourbon Street. 

"Alive" ft. Brave - Infuze (Fool's Gold)

Infuze had a back-to-back stint on this chart in June on major tunes with lux.impala and Flint. Now with Brave, he's combining a lavish melody with some seriously hard knocks.

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"2 Mo" ft. Sam King and Sosav - Styles&Complete

Proof of the fourth dimension is in this song. Maybe even the fifth dimension. I'm sure that's not what they had in mind with "2 Mo," but it fits the bill. Just more fun from Styles&Complete after getting "lit" on the chart the other month. 

"Believer" - Major Lazer and Showtek (Mad Decent)

My favorite melody of the week, and actually, one of my favorites of the year, probably. Surprisingly trappy before taking a hardstyle "breather" and switching back. I'm honestly a little tired of that gimmick, but this definitely brings back my faith in it. Beautifully tuff. 

"Aftershock (Willy Joy Remix)" - NGHTMRE and Boombox Cartel (Good Enuff)

After last week, you know you can count me in for some future destruction. If you're like me, and you have long, flowing brunette locks, then you know the "future" in the original was like annoying strands of hair brushing against your face when it gets windy. None of that shit here (no offense NGHTMRE and Boombox Cartel - who have plenty of brilliant tunes, by the way - but Willy Joy turned this one up).

"Novocaine" ft. Naz Tokio - HXV 

Trap may not be the most respected of genres, but this tune is a great rebuttal. HXV (Heroes x Villains) really opens up here through writer, vocalist and friend Naz Tokio. "At its core, Novocaine is a real and honest representation about the drug and alcohol addiction HXV continuously faces in his life" - and it's not just the lyrics. As the song's liner notes accurately describe, HXV uses highs and lows in the production to really make us feel the conflict instead of merely understanding it. I think we wander too far from the potential impact of music sometimes, so it's great to hear HXV open up and bring this kind of honest expressionism back. Fight on. 

"Cash" - T-Mass and LZRD (Dim Mak)

Not so much drifting outside the traditional trap boundaries as it is reaching escape velocity and breaking through them. I'm honestly not entirely sure where it fits or where it's going, but the ride is fun as hell, and dammit! It's Friday! And I feel good!

Best New Trap Tunes (Full Playlist, 10/14/16):

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