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Weekly Top 10 Trap Chart - October 21st, 2016

New Baauer, Party Thieves, Mayhem and UZ, King Peanuts, div/div and more make for a sample-heavy soundtrack for you weekend warriors. Includes free downloads.

So, I really do try not to load up a single chart with one artist, because as much hate as trap music gets, there's too much good stuff out there that you need to hear, and too many upcoming artists that you need to hear about. Still, sometimes exceptions have to be made. Sometimes one artist just kills it, and I would be doing a disservice to you by playing by the rules. 

This week, two artists pull off this extraordinary task. I'm not gonna ruin the surprise, but I will tell you that I had to sacrifice an unusual Brillz remix to the - how do I put this nicely? - bizarre "Battle Sirens" tune from Knife Party.  

Full playlist at the bottom:

"W.O.D [Wall of Death]" - Party Thieves (Elysian Records)

Much more straightforward than the clever Undrafted EP that he released this summer, "W.O.D" just goes straight for the punches, and lands them blow after blow. I'm not condoning real violence by any means (nor is Party Thieves, seeing as how he is helping raise awareness for gun violence), but I am condoning this wall-o-death - very much so, as a matter of fact. Make sure to check out our interview with him to get more insight on his unique background and life views, as well

"OOOUUUU (Debroka and Bailo Remix)" - Young M.a. (Elysian Records)

Debroka and Bailo take a much, much less laid-back approach than Young M.a.'s original, and it's not just the added bass. The drop is in the top 10 of the year, no question. 

"Amazon" - Mayhem and UZ

I really do try to not include UZ on this chart every single week, but it's not an easy task. With a track title like "Amazon," I though I'd found something more generic I could finally skip over... Wrong. Bonus: Check out Mayhem's "country" production here.

"Paauer" - Baauer (LuckyMe)

The funny thing is that this really isn't trap at all. So why have I included it in the trap chart? Because you should know Baauer is making drum and bass. Not, like, regular, healthy DnB, but, like, Kentucky Fried DnB. This is one of two new tunes from Baauer, the other being more of a straight hip-hop track. So, that's two new tunes, no new trap... From Baauer.

"Southpaw" - div/div

A few months ago, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute (SETI) investigated a radio signal that the Russians claimed possibly came from intelligent life elsewhere in the galaxy. Legend has it that div/div actually sampled the decoded dialect, and that's what you're actually hearing in this track. Slightly less new than the rest, but I couldn't let it escape the chart. Trick or treat.

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"dotExit" - div/div

Another monster from div/div. I honestly try to never have two tracks from one artist in the chart, but there are rare occasions where it's warranted. There is no better example than this. In fact, I went back and listened to his older stuff, and I really wanted to include that in here too. I'm gonna show some restraint and move on, but here's his Soundcloud page. 

"Dat $tick (Benasis Remix) - Rich Chigga

The fanny-pack classic sped up to 128. And then, if the original video wasn't goofy enough, Benasis plays the rest like squeaky toy on crack. Think of having a Chucky doll who squeaks when you squeeze him. That's what we have here. 

"So Good" ft. Mak Others - King Peanuts

If you're into audio samples, you need to be following King Peanuts. The dude is one of the best audio samplers around - like, J Dilla of the trap game good. He just released "Africa," which is a must-hear - and this one, which is even better. This is one of my favorite trap tunes of the year. 

"Africa" - King Peanuts

Trap Tune of the Week Let me just say that there's some really tacky "native" tunes out there. Then there's Toto's horribly beautiful "Africa", and then there's King Peanuts' "Africa" which somehow manages to avoid being tacky or horrible or beautiful. It walks the line that others can't, and does so easily. 

"Mirrors" - Shambles [Swisted Selections]

I admit, I've been sleeping on Shambles. Shame, shame on me. No more. Make sure to check out "Hold U Close," which is a brilliant blend of chipmonk soul, future and hardcore trap. "Tonight" is another gem as well. 

Full Playlist:

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