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Weekly Top 10 Trap Chart - October 7, 2016

Best new trap tunes from Jinco, Aero Chord, Prismo, Revolvr, BARE & Henrix. Plus a breakthrough vocalist you gotta hear.

In case you missed it, Flosstradamus released their music video for "Came Up" this week, and it features a cool little backstory on the now famous 'damus. Most surprising to me, though, was seeing "Big Bills" in the mix - their old, forgotten indie cooler with Chairlift's Caroline Polachek. If you want to be totally shocked, go back and listen to that one. It's still one of my favorites of Floss' despite sounding absolutely nothing like them (a YouTube comment from three years ago reads "what ever happened to these guys?").

That leads me to this week's best new trap tunes. There are some surprises in here, and a couple twists and turns (you should know I like to keep it interesting by now). That said, it's built for the weekend, so let's get to it. Full playlist at the bottom. 

"Clocktower" ft. Mia Vaile - Jinco

Every once and a long while I'll hear a tune that just gives me instant chills. Something that reminds me how powerful music can be. This is one of those moments and from a newcomer at that. Mia Vaile is stunning here. She reminds me of a softer Lana Del Rey and is definitely one to watch. Jinco's production is flawless, but this is her show. The only other track she's on right now is Ship Wreck's "Pain" which debuted earlier this week during the TwitchCon live stream, but I'd expect a lot more soon. Anyway, I could go on all day... but day has turned to night, and night is turning back to day, and I gotta keep this moving. 

"DayDream" - Wooli and Jantsen [Good Enuff]

I'm gonna be honest. 'Future' has really been starting to annoy me lately. Most of it just reminds me of a sappy, vomit-inducing Valentines Day carnation. That's why I love this track so much. It starts off nauseatingly Future, but then the destruction... sweet, sweet destruction. Despite the candy apple intro, this is no carnation. And those rainbow riffs aren't rainbows at all. The "DayDream" turns straight nightmare and I couldn't be happier. 

"Wanchu Back" - Aero Chord [Monster Cat]

Yup. After I slam the Future genre, I'm hitting you with a little Future infusion. I mean, it's not all bad, you know? And let me just correct myself now—"Not bad" is not at all how I should be describing this. "Wanchu Back" is crazy good. It follows "The 90s" which I like even more, which might be hard to believe after you hear this. Aero Chord is on fire. 

"You Got It" ft. Billyracxx - Prismo

Great blend of hip hop and trap. Billyracxx's voice compliments Prismo's production to perfection. It's darker than much of Prismo's other works, but it's a welcome change of pace. Crispy stuff. 

"Awaken" - REVOLVR and CAYA

What's the longest intro you've heard in a trap song? Let's see if you can make it on this one. I promise there's a major payoff if you hang around. 

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"Marty" - Yvng Jalapeño (Artist Intelligence Agency)

Yvng Jalapeno has been on this chart before and continues building on his creative endeavors with "Marty." The blithering sample is unusual and a little jarring at first, but don't worry, by the end it sinks in like a spell from a witch doctor. 

"Don't U Worry (Atik Remix)" ft. Barbera Moleko - Faustix

Leave it up to Atik to really fuck with something. Similar to his previous track on this chart, this remix goes off like a confetti canon. Only this time, Atik throws on some flannel and takes the party into the sticks (no pun intended). 

"Double Up" ft. Cali Ruler - BARE and Henrix

I much prefer this track to "Jumanji," which he did with Jayceeoh earlier this year. Having said that, it's closer in style to "Jumanji" than it is to "Workhorse" which he also appeared on with Henrix. Big tune no doubt. 

"Jotaro (JSTJR and Positron Flip)" - Phiso

Twitchy track that really turns things on about a minute in. Balances on that mainstream line for a while, but before long you realize that it's far from commercial. That said, it won't lead you astray, either. A good life lesson here: You can be different without be totally bizarre. Well done, team. 

"Little Bit of This (Treeko Remix)" ft. Vince Staples - GTA

90% not trap, I thought it'd be a fun one to include (I gotta keep you guessing). I liked the original a lot, but I'm definitely onboard with Treeko's take. The whole track is blazing, but there's more heat in the trap 10 than many others have in the whole 100. 

Full Playlist:

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