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Who The Hell Is David S. Pumpkins?

In case you are wondering what the hell everyone is talking about this Halloween!
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What's black, orange, makes no sense and is harder to get than a Daft Punk ticket? It's David S. Pumpkins man and he's doin' his own thaaaang. 

In case you missed it, David S. Pumpkins is none other than Tom Hanks dressed up in a pumpkin suit in one of the best SNL skits to hit in a long time and just as funny as their spoof on EDM "Turnt Up To Death" a couple years back. Some people might disagree, ok many people might disagree, but David S. Pumpkins and The 100 Floors of Frights bit is one of those perfectly nonsensical SNL gems that will live on for years to come. David S. Pumpkin will no doubt start showing up every Halloween from now until 2024ish.  

Why is it funny? Maybe it's the ridiculousness of it all and the writers themselves just kind of rolling the dice on what essentially is one of the lamest Halloween costumes at the Spirit Halloween super store aka The Adult Pumpkin Party Suit

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At least it was one of the lamest costumes, since the debut of David S. Pumpkins those party suits have literally vanished from the aisles. Last night I managed to score the very last one that had been hidden in a very half ass way behind a sexy witch costume. The check out girl was still very confused by the magic of the Adult Pumpkin Party Suit!

So if you have been incredibly confused by all this David S. Pumpkins chatter, well now you know. You will no doubt see many dudes rocking this tonight and for Halloweens to come. It will probably be annoying by midnight, oh well... 

Happy Halloween!

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