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10 Ridiculous Club Stories from Billy Kenny + Maximono

They tell us some of their craziest stories including moments with Dillon Francis, Skrillex, and Flux Pavilion!

This ain't Bristol, the labelheads comprising of Billy Kenny and the guys behind Maximono, have been through some pretty crazy stuff in their days in the music industry. They're currently on their One Night Stand tour, and so we sat down with the boys to hear about some of their craziest moments. 

1) In Toronto backstage before a show, a massive window frame fell open on my head which knocked me unconscious. when i woke up i had blood all over me, there were paramedics and i was totally confused. the awesome thing was it was halloween! so i looked super legit with all the blood. played a sick set with Dillon Francis straight after!

[Nick (Maximono)]

2) Actually on our tour now we’re running this booty call hotline where people can directly contact us, speak to us, send us weird questions, crazy photos and invitations to their after parties. Whilst we were playing Albuquerque we’ve received an invitation which sounded interesting. Someone said he has set up a huge FunktionOne Soundsystem in his tiny house and wants us to come and play on it when we’re done with our sets in the club. So right after finishing our sets we got our driver to bring us to that house. It was even tinier than we expected but the FunktionOne was even bigger than expected, it literally filled 2/3 of the room and sounded shit obviously. A little bluetooth speaker or boombox would have done its job there :) But anyway guys, thanks for the invite. We stayed for a while and drank shots from a handlebar

[Sebi (Maximono)]

3) During the Will & Bill's Excellent Adventure tour earlier this year, we went to someones house for an afterparty after our show in Boston. I don't remember a great deal but that they had set up decks and we were all playing tunes until the morning. Anyway, i headed home and woke up to a message on my like page from a guy (pic attached) asking if i had taken his girlfriends jacket home. I literally picked up a small girls parker and mistook it for my much bigger parker with a completely different fit. The swap later that day was a little embarrassing but the guy laughed it off and was awesome about it. I'm pretty sure i saw him at Campout this year too! I can't remember if i did that or not either. Damn.

[Billy Kenny]

4) In Transylvania I turned up at a waterlogged festival, it had been pouring down for days and was literally a complete washout. I started playing to a die hard crowd of maybe 100 people and couldn't wait for the set to end. However about 30 mins in Skrillex and Flux Pavilion turned up on stage with a massive entourage, so there was suddenly a proper vibe and he ended up mcing for me the final hour, doing all his craziness on stage and all of a sudden thousands of people ended up flocking over to the stage. was awesome.

[Nick (Maximono)]

5) The last night on my Australia and New Zealand tour a couple of months back consisted of two shows. Me, my tour manager and a videographer got so wasted at the first show that i had to pull up on the side of the highway for a tactical chunder. For those that are unfamiliar, chundering is what us Brits call vomiting, the tactical part is self-explanatory. Anyway, the next show had my buddy Wongo literally stood on the cdj's half naked with fans grabbing his man boobs whilst i'm crying with laughter and struggling to see my playlist on the screen. An awesome night i won't forget.

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[Billy Kenny]

6) First time i ever played a show in Oz, the promoter had booked us a huge penthouse suite. we thought it was pretty cool that there were girls already in there, pouring drinks at the bar in the middle of the room and starting the party early when we arrived. little did we know the reason he had booked this suite was he had organised a massive afterparty after the show. everyone ended up back there, it was a proper wild party. remember having to finally get into bed for some sleep before an early flight, and was swiftly rudely interrupted by armed police officers shouting and kicking us out of bed around 5am. walk of shame back through the suite, the place had been completely and utterly trashed and had been shout down after laods of noise complaints. He's now one of the biggest promoters in the souther hemisphere!

[Nick (Maximono)]

7) After one of our last This Ain’t Bristol Nights in Hannover i got several messages the next day where people were saying how much they enjoyed my set. The only problem was that the pre-party was a bit too intense and i couldn’t remember a single moment of the set. But i guess it wasn’t too bad then. Just lucky that no one recorded it and the photographer missed out that night.

[Sebi (Maximono)]


8) I played a huge show called 'Pirate Station' in Russia and was playing in a stadium of about 20,000 people. thing is i hadn't learnt how to DJ properly on the new CDJs at that point and didn't realise the master tempo was on. i was pretty hammered and the first tune must have been playing for about 3 minutes at about 250bpm before someone came to the rescue. i didn't even realise, just thought the tune sounded unusually fast!

[Nick (Maximono)]

9) We played a show in Budapest with a couple of friends. The promoter forgot to sort out riders or any drinks for us at all so he had to buy them from the club. He had no idea how thirsty we were and didn’t set us a limit so I'd say we had a bit of fun that night. A few weeks later we heard that he was ruined and couldn’t do any more events because he was broke. Looked like it must have been quite an expensive bar.

[Sebi (Maximono)]

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Thanks boys! Fans can call them at the number above and leave them messages, and they'll personally reply! 

They are currently on their One Night Stand Tour, and their next stop is in NYC on Saturday. Tickets are available here. 

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