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8tm of Bromance Records shows us his favorite Hip Hop tracks

8tm reveals tracks from Ryan Hemsworth, Myd, Sage the Gemini, and more.

8tm recently released a massive EP with Bromance Records, and the syrupy masterpiece is an eclectic mix of hip hop, electronic, and experimental styles. 

We heard that he's got a wide variety of influences, and so we sat down with the talented artist to hear about some of his current hip hop favorites! 

You can check out his EP here, here, and here, and pre-order the vinyl here

Big Baby Flava - Flava : 

Big Baby Flava is part of The Sauce Factory, the Sauce Walka crew. The track was released back in April on his mixtape City Of Sauce. And i only came across it recently. I really dig it. The whole project is dope. Sounds like a mix of Big Moe & Max B. This is really awesome. There’s not much artists representing Houston nowadays. 

Dae Dae - Woke Up : 

In my opinion Dae Dae is one of the most talented artists from Atlanta and to hear him on a London beat was only right. They just dropped a tape together but the project is kinda disappointing tho.. :(

Rich The Kid ft. Jeremih - Greedy : 

Obviously this track is all you'd expect from a classic Jeremih track. The production is really on point. Rich The Kid verse is kinda forgettable but still cool to hear.

Kool John ft Sage The Gemini - Tambourine : 

My dream team from the Bay Area. P-Lo really got this, everytime. I love the simplicity of his beats, straight to the point. Kool John rap is always a perfect match to it. I’m eagerly waiting on his next project which should be out soon !

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Ryan Hemsworth ft. Adamn Killa - Commas : 

Ryan really nailed the production with this Euro-Young Chop vibe on this one.. It suits Adamn Killa perfectly. I got a few tracks with Adamn aswell for his next project. Stay tuned !

2 Chainz - Diamonds Talking Back : 

2chainz last EP, Hibachi For lunch, is really on point, 2chainz rarely disappoints & stays consistent. This one is my favorite from the project.

Rick Ross ft. Scrilla & Sam Sneak - Supa Cindy : 

The man never stop. the last Maybach Mixtape, Priorities 5 is dope. Wasn’t familiar with Scrilla & Sam Sneak but they are killing it on this song. The hook is perfect. Can’t wait to spin this in the club.

Lotto Savage ft. Black Youngsta - Redchuck Flag : 

Lotto Savage is another favorite rapper of mine coming from Atlanta. I just think he’s one of the most technical with his rap. Every ad-libs are placed with millimetre accuracy but still he manage to get the energy out there. This is from his last project Lotto Kruger which feature a dope Brodinski production on Geeking Of Drugs. You should really check it out.

Sonny Digital ft Key! & Black Boe - Lenox Square : 

I’m a fan of Sonny Digital for a long time now and was kinda skeptical when he started rapping. But i was pleasantly surprised. He got a dope voice and always manage to come up with great hooks that stays in my head for days. His boy Black Boe is killing it on this one ! This is from his last project G.O.A.T. I really loved it.

Maja Got It ft The Homie Cashyy, Slime Ball Kelly & G Baby - Turn Up : 

This one is ridiculous. Just play it in any party and watch the magic happen. Myd really made his own version of Atlanta music thru this song. This kids rapping are on fire and this track is part of their upcoming tape « Young Slime Season » presented by Bromance & Drug Money Usa which features productions from Ikaz Boi, Myth Syzer, Mister Tweeks, Ryan Hemsworth & Brodinski. Can’t miss this one !

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