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Acer's Lineup Of Music Laptops: Meeting the Need for High Quality Audio

Looking to up your pc game and need some great audio to boot, check out Acer's lineup
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You may be an avid music lover and wish to hear your favourite songs through high quality, audio output. You may also like to frequent online bingo sites or enjoy similarly engaging desktop games like Farmville, and feel that digital audio and sound effects contributes towards a more immersive experience. Either way, music laptops can help to enhance your leisure time and help you get the most from your investment. So, lets take a look at three of Acer's music laptops to see which one might be for you. 

Falcon Ace 15 DJ Laptop

Acer's Falcon Ace 15

The Falcon Ace 15 DJ Laptop

Costing a princely £549, the Falcon Ace 15 DJ Laptop is a serious piece of kit for genuine music lovers. It may also be considered as the device of choice for developers and musicians, thanks to its reliable performance, high quality specification and outstanding edit features. With a fourth generation Intel Core i3-4100M 2.5 GHz processor and 500 GB, you can record, edit and re-mix tracks safe in the knowledge that they can performed live from the same device.

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Acer's Falcon LX15

Acer's Falcon LX15

The Falcon LX15 Musician's Laptop

Slightly more expensive at £803, the Falcon LX15 Musician's Laptop is a dedicated audio device that has been designed to meet the needs of professional musicians. It has been optimised for music recording and editing, with the chassis selected specifically for its crystal clear display and durable build. With a host of advanced audio features and tools integrated into the machine and a purposeful, Intel Core i5 4200M 2.5GHz 4th generation processor, it is a device that should only be purchased by serious musicians or active producers.

Acer's LX17

Acer's LX17

The Falcon LX17 Musician's Laptop

If you have previously owned the Falcon LX15 Musician's Laptop, you may want to consider upgrading to the improved LX17. A professional notebook PC that has been optimised for music recording, editing and play back, it costs a little more at £868 but offers a slightly more diverse and sophisticated range of features. Much of the specification remains unchanged, although the evolved Intel chip-set ensures that the device is compatible with almost every conceivable audio accessory. 

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