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Earlier in the Fall of this year, renowned Swiss duo, Adriatique, announced the launch of their label, Siamese with their new EP, 'Patterns of Eternity'.  

Adrian Shala and Adrian Schweizer have an uncanny knack for creating an ominous and metaphysical tone on the dancefloor as they play their groovy ethereal techno with deep house notes. Since 2013, they have been settings themselves up for global popularity and have been picked up by Zurich's Cityfox label, LA's Culprit, New York's Wolf and Lamb, London's Supernature, Canada's My Favourite Robot and Hamburg's Diynamic. Currently, they have been touring with Diynamic's 10th Year Anniversary tour dubbed, "10 Years Diynamic". 

Magnetic Magazine had a chance to ask Adriatique a few short questions about their new label and EP. 

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What is the most exciting part about launching your new label?

There are a few exciting things to talk about. Firstly, this is new territory for us - we are completely involved in every part of running a label, we didn’t want to just assign the less interesting work to someone else. We have been planning this for quite some time now so it’s exciting to finally get it out there. It’s amazing to be able to have this platform for other artists as well as for ourselves with our own taste and ideas behind it. I guess some people reach a point where they want to fulfill their vision of something. This is our way of self-realisation. Siamese pretty much illustrates our story.

What kind of music/artists do you hope to support with your new label?

It will be pretty diverse. There won’t be a certain style of music, that’s not what we represent. We definitely have a very clear understanding of what we want to release. There’s already some upcoming music from new names as well as established producers or artists we really like which will be revealed soon.

What sets Siamese apart from other labels?

I can’t say what the difference is to other labels as I don’t want to make any comparisons. First of all, we are taking our time with it. Every release will have time to grow, which is vital with everything being so short-lived at the moment. We want to do art projects alongside music. Also, our label parties won’t be your standard showcase. We want to explore ourselves and the people we work with by constantly pushing our creative boundaries and exploring new territories. Right now, we are planning 2 to 3 special events in 2017.

When producing Patterns of Eternity, where do you draw your inspiration?

We just wanted to free our mind. We didn’t produce it for the label. It was something we just produced and it felt natural to start the label with this record. It’s easy to go in one direction with the first release to give an impression of the sound of the label but we feel that with this one it is still very much open and diverse. It shows our taste rather than sound. It doesn’t narrow the sound down to one specific thing. Our life and the nature surrounding us are inspirations for us. We always think about moving our studio for 2 to 3 months whilst we produce to get new surroundings.

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Is there a particular motif between the three tracks?

Patterns of Eternity is a little bit like flowing water. It goes in one direction but if you look closely, it is built up of lots of intricate details. Take a crowded place, from far away everybody looks the same but if you look at each person, nobody is the same.

The titled track is 11-minutes long which is one of our longest tracks. It’s very melodic and trippy and takes the listener on a journey. It’s a track where we really pushed ourselves to create this incredible atmosphere that people could get lost in. 'Womb' was the result of a long recording session, and only took one take. We haven’t really done that before. Normally, it takes us quite a while to finish a track and be truly satisfied with it. Lastly, Quadrivia is a nostalgic track where we take the listener back to the early 2000s which is the era that had a massive impact on the both of us. It takes a little while longer to get into the piercing beat but it’s one that goes full circle and rounds off the EP nicely.

Even though the tracks were all made within the same time period, each one sounds completely different. I guess there could have been a subconscious motif behind it too. 


Catch them on tour in 2016: 

Saturday, November 5th: 10 Years Diynamic - London

Saturday, November 26th - 27th: 10 Years Diynamic - Hamburg

Friday, December 2nd: 10 Years Diynamic - Miami 

Saturday, December 3rd: 10 Years Diynamic - Los Angeles

Friday, December 9th: 10 Years Diynamic - Montreal

Saturday, December 10th: Teksupport: 10 Years Diynamic - Brooklyn

Friday, December 23rd: Nghtdvsn Presents - Amsterdam

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