Childish Gambino may have a new album coming out very soon

Local FYE may have accidentally revealed December 2nd release date for 'Awaken, My Love!'
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Photo Credit: _LucidDreams

Photo Credit: _LucidDreams

While Donald Glover may seem busy crafting together Atlanta and securing a role as Lando Calrissian in the upcoming Star Wars film, he's still taking some time to work on the follow-up to Because the Internet. 

The album was also available for pre-order on Amazon, but was quickly taken down once speculation started to arise on Reddit. 

Besides his film and television work, Glover recently held the Pharos Experience in Joshua Tree. There has been no official confirmation from the talented artist, but if these are any confirmation, we may hear new work from Childish Gambino sooner than we predicted. 


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