deadmau5 Lukewarm On His Own Record? Seems That Way

deadmau5 tweets himself some humble pie
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deadmau5 tweeted something about his new album this weekend that fans might not have expected. Ever. 

"I don't even like it. It was like... so fucking rushed / slapped together." 

In a world where consumers chew up content and spit it out at an alarming rate artists like deadmau5 are expected to have new content constantly flowing. Dance music eats itself every month in what has become an alarming game of whack-a-mole for the electronic music fan. 

We are just pounding away furiously trying to consume as much as we can. 

Has this race to churn out music hurt artists like deadmau5's creativity? Seems like it. 

An album used to be something that was crafted and meticulously poured over for imperfections. It was a piece of serious work, sometimes taking years to come to fruition. 

For an artists to tweet out that they are lukewarm on their own album is of course disappointing but you have to respect his honesty. 

We certainly hope he finds the time and the creativity to make the "fabled" album that he will actually feel proud of. He certainly has the studio to pull it off!


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