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deadmau5 vs. Shotty Horroh - The mau5 goes hip hop with Okay

A nice nasty beat, a quirky loop and some smooth flowing lyrics - We Like it!

This one came to us from the little birdies over at Reddit. A cheeky retro flute riff that almost makes you think the track might take a holiday spin and then that fat nasty beat hits. Shotty flows over the loop with ease and it all comes together quite nicely, even with that quirky loop. It just works. deadmau5 probably could get down with just about any genre he wanted to really. 

Shotty is one of those UK rappers that kind of slides in and out sounding like an American, but really sounds better with his native accent dominating. 

None the less we are digging it. Hope you do too. Let us know what you think in the comments section below. 

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