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Let me make a case for what the best possible decision is for you on Friday, November 11, 2016, in the glorious city that is San Francisco.

First, Dusky's recent Outer album is a work of dance infused electronica that you just shouldn't ignore. Second, Bwana's techno stylings are guaranteed to get your groove going. Third, Lights Down Low bring the house down with any party they throw.

So, now that you have heard me out and processed those well reasoned three points, tomorrow is Friday, November 11, and Lights Down Low is bringing Dusky through to the Great Northern along with Bwana. 

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This fall season for the Lights Down Low characters has been one of non-stop well-curated parties, and this looks to be one of their last affairs to close out the year. So, don't miss out, don't sleep, ACT! Buy tickets now!

We're also doing a ticket giveaway! Just tag a friend in the comments section and we will select a lucky winner by 3 p.m. (PST) tomorrow Friday, November 11.


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