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Gina Turner helps us learn how to take charge of our lives by learning to love our bodies!
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Today’s society embraces multitasking, grabbing and go-ing, quick fixes, being super efficient at all costs at all times… It is what it is… Just information on how our generation operates…

Don’t get me wrong these aren’t necessarily negatives either, in fact as I’m writing this I pride myself in embracing in doing these things, as a mother they are almost necessities at times….

There have been countless times for me personally where I have “missed” a whole day by not staying present and just auto-piloting thru the day…. I’m sure there has been that time for most of you when you’ve asked yourself “Where did the day go to?” or “did I remember to eat today?” or “what did I have for Lunch?”

Sure, we have heard of “chewing our meals slower” or calorie counting… but somehow we are in terrible shape mentally and physically as a whole, even when we are eating clean or following that new hot diet!

What if we all stopped and were fully present while we cooked, giving every ingredient in the recipe that feeling of love that we give to our house plants while watering them?

What if we ate our meals while really feeling the nourishment that it is about to give our whole body? How about integrating mantras or meditation when it comes to food?

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a fabulous new cookbook that helps you do just that!

Cassandra Bodzak’s new book EAT WITH INTENTION is a new way to shift your old habits by not only eating healthier, but eating smarter and sending all those positive vibes throughout every cell in your body. Cassandra is a Meditation and wellness expert who struggled for years with food related allergies , stomach pains and more… She was able to fix these issues by tuning into her body and transform her life by eating and living with intention.

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I sat down with Cassandra and I was automatically loving this concept before I even got a chance to read it…. I was curious about her inspiration behind the book…

“People ask me all the time, what was the turning point in your life, when did you go from feeling lost, foggy-headed and barely getting by to become the happy, clear-headed and successful individual are today?

Truth is, eating with intention was where it all began. Once I stopped waging war on my body and actually tuned in and asked it what it needed, it was like a new level of living emerged. I had more energy and clarity then ever before in my life, I started a daily meditation practice and learned how to listen to my inner guidance.

In essence, the tools in this book set the foundation for the light-filled life I now get to enjoy so I knew it was important to share with the world. So many of my one on one clients have had massive transformations in every aspect of their lives from getting the foundation in order through these principals and I couldn’t wait for a way to share them in a way that was accessible to everyone!”

As I dove further into the book, I started to really shift the way I ate throughout the day, instead of shovelling that bag of baby carrots into my mouth like an automatic tennis ball machine, I sat there and ate a few and sent gratitude to each bite I took! So Easy, So Effective….

I got to the Juices page and I was not only excited for new recipes but the mantras that came attached to the juice made my heart sing… The first juice I tried was the “Focus Potion” which is made of Celery, Baby Kale, Grapes and Rosemary.. To my amazement it was accompanied by a “divine purpose visualization” and Meditation that I absolutely loved, as I drank the juice I said to myself “I am focused on my divine purpose”... Not only did it make my juice taste different, I was able to feel my body take in the nourishment of mind, body and soul.

Cassandra says-

 “Eating with purpose and self-love is just the tip of the iceberg. When we start loving and honoring our bodies, we take our power back and start listening to our own internal guidance system, our intuition. We tune out the noise from fad diets and nutritional trends and hear what our, UNIQUE, body craves and therefore fuel and nourish it with what’s going to be optimal for it’s wellbeing. Once you start doing this with your food, you can access it for every part of your life and start listening to your intuition and acting with more purpose and self-love in your relationships, career, finances and more. This book gives you the foundation to take the power back through self-love in every part of your life, starting with your body and food as a baseline.”

For me as a full time mom and a full time touring DJ, I know this a more approachable , very realistic way to change my relationship to food, No matter where I am in the world! Let’s be honest, one of the more challenging things about traveling of any kind is being able to nourish your body in a healthy way…. I plan to even incorporate these methods of Food-Mood Journaling and including mantras while eating, even IF i can’t utilize the recipes in the book and I feel like many could benefit from this as well!

Eat with Intention is certainly not your average cookbook, it is a manual for Self love and making peace with your food and taking your power back thru your diet and your mind… I highly recommend this book to anyone who really wants to make a serious change in their lives in a more approachable healthy way, that in turn will leave you renewed and more in tune with your true self. 

We also managed to snag a special recipe and exercise from Cassandra herself, enjoy! 



Ronald Dahl famously said, "Think good thoughts and they will shine out of your face like sun beams and you will always look lovely." I couldn’t agree more, our outer complexion is a direct reflection of our inner composition. You glow when you are lit up with joy and love from the inside out. You shine when you are doting on a loved one or offering help to someone in need. Beauty starts from within and permeates outward. Thinking thoughts that nourish your soul and eating foods that nourish your body are more effective than the most luxurious make up money can buy. You can’t fake true radiance.


In this exercise, we are going to pull energy into our heart center and allow it to saturate every cell of our being, filling us up with light and allowing our inner radiance to pour outwards as it overflows. Begin by sitting cross-legged in easy pose, spine elongated and breath long and deep. Close your eyes and focus at your heart center while using your hands to slowly and steadily pull the energy surrounding you into your heart. Hands should stay at heart height and move from the sides of your body inwards, like you are catching a ball and bringing it into your heart. Feel the light in your heart expand and grow brighter with each motion. Continue for 3-11mins. Take a deep breath in and bring your hands into your heart, right palm on top of left. Feel the energy pulsing through your heart center and allow it to distrbute through out your entire being. Imagine it filling up each cell with it’s loving light energy. Exhale.


You might be surprised to find out that sweet, delicious pineapple juice is actually alkalizing for your body and relatively low glycemic on your body, aka. great for you immune system and overall vitality. Pineapple also contains maganese and fatty acids that promote healthy skin and help prevent acne. Watercress is also great for your overall health with it’s high levels of vitamin C and alkalizing properties, not to mention cucumber with it’s cooling and moisturizing qualities, this juice is packed with nutrients that will get you glowing from the inside out !


1 cup pineapple (skinned and chopped)

½ cup watercress

2 limes (skinned)

2 cucumbers (skinned)


Wash all produce thoroughly. Remove the skin on your pineapple and cut around the core to make smaller chunks for the juicer. Slice limes and cucumbers and chop away the outer skin. Put all produce into your juicer and lightly stir before you enjoy!

Pre-order the book via Cassandra Bodzak's homepage here

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