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Ellie Herring and Yaeji create magic with "Swim Me"

Kick start your Friday with this electronic piece from the Secret Songs artist and NYC up-and-comer!
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Yaeji has been a favorite of mine, with one of the best Discwoman (at least in my opinion) mixes out there, along with some stunning work of her own. She's probably best known for working with Australian based producer Mall Grab, but today, she's teamed up with Ellie Herring for her latest work. 

The production work is all Herring, as evidenced by the drastically different sound Yaeji has here. On the track, Herring notes- 

"'Swim Me' was written without any intent to work with vocals. When I hit the point of deciding which tracks made the demo, 'Swim Me' actually got cut and had to ride the pine for awhile," the producer tells THUMP over email. "I threw it in a really unorganized folder of other tracks that I didn't plan to release or would maybe revisit at some point. 'Swim Me' existed with the file name of 'Ellie Techno 7_But Not At All' until Yaeji cooked curry one night."

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