Five Signs That You Might Be Becoming A “Jaded Raver” And How To Avoid It

Don't become the jaded raver, because everyone hates jaded ravers
Neal The Jaded Raver

Neal from XOXO - The best jaded raver ever. 

You probably remember it very clearly, that moment you popped your rave or festival cherry and entered the wonderous world of electronic dance music. Whether it was at some sketchy break-in party (an actual rave) or more recently at a massive festival like EDC, we all had that same feeling of euphoria and excitement the first time out, most of us anyway. 

Just like anything new, it eventually loses its luster as you start to deepen your understanding and relationship. Whether it’s music or a personal relationship, as time passes the emotions evolve and not always in a good way. 

The magic of the festival can easily ware off on people that are just tourists in the world of electronic music culture. These are not the people we are talking about here as they are gone too fast even to become jaded. 

I’m talking about real fans of the genre, people that love electronic music but are becoming disappointed with where it's going. 

Here are five signs that you might be falling out of love with electronic music and some quick remedies that might rekindle your romance.

EDM Basic Bitches Body Shot

"EDM" chicks annoy you?

Big festivals are now just filled with annoying, drugged up, scantily clad tween-like children.

This excuse is a common problem that comes with aging up. What was once a glittering piñata of newness is now just a bunch of spilled candy that you don’t want or need. It’s ok not to want to be surrounded by noobs wearing furry boots and nipple tape; there are great alternatives for you. Instead of going to EDC why don’t you try heading to BPM Festival? Find smaller festivals like CRSSD that are programming music that you don’t need drugs to appreciate or maybe I should say tolerate. 

You might hate this guy!

You might hate this guy!

You hate all the popular new DJs and their shitty music!

Another common problem is that you start to find the music of the most popular DJs to be annoying and just no bueno. That’s ok too, again you are either literally aging up or just starting to deepen your understanding and tastes in the genre. Most people don’t start out their relationship with electronic music liking tech house; they are usually lured in by the feel good vibes and big sounds of more commercial music like trance. There is a LOT of great contemporary dance music out there, more then you could listen to in ten lifetimes. So stop complaining about the shitty stuff and just dig a little deeper. 

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I can't it's too crowded and I'm tired

Going out all night seems like more of a chore than a good time.

You have a job now and responsibilities, so banging it on a Wednesday night until 5 a.m. isn’t doable anymore unless you have a desire to hit the unemployment line. So many people just stop going out because they don’t see that nightclubs or festivals are manageable anymore. That’s sad; you shouldn’t be jaded because you have a job and more things to deal with, you just need to adjust your schedule. Go to hard ticket shows with electronic music acts, you’ll be in bed by 12 p.m. I promise. Make music festivals a special outing, and bask in the musical glory for a weekend a couple of times a season. It’s ok to sleep in once in a while, just be responsible about it, not a curmudgeon. 

I cannot manage this

I cannot manage this

You hate going out altogether; it’s just too much of a pain in the ass!

Well instead of going out and complaining about it, just find other things to do and stop being a whiney asshole. It’s ok if you don’t like nightclubs, festivals or even concerts but letting all your friends know this constantly makes you a giant wet blanket in a snowstorm. Instead, if you prefer to DJ at home or just chill out with your SONOS system, then do that and invite some friends over for a house party. Make a cocktail and come to grips with the fact that you like electronic music but just hate going out. 

Masters at Work bio

Masters at Work are so much better than your crappy house music

It was only good back in the day syndrome. 

This is a very common affliction and probably one of the most annoying. Guess what? Things change and evolve and what was great for you might be archaic and not so great for someone living their first round of experiences now. Be happy that you made some great memories “back in the day” and stop trying to live in the past because it’s just that, the past. The best you can do is find DJs and artists you still like, clubs that still fit your vibe and make nice suggestions to your younger friends rather than dismiss what they like. 

"Hey you might like Masters At Work, they were one of the top acts when I was coming up." Instead of "That tropical house stuff you are listening to sounds like a pineapple had sex with a pan flute, and then had an abortion." 

Kill the jaded raver inside of you, because no one likes him/her, and that's not what electronic music culture is about anyway. 

As Eckhart Tolle says "Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have."

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