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In The Wake Of Trump: Why We Need P.L.U.R. More Than Ever Before

What we need to do as a community is simple, we need to remember the ideals of the original rave culture
Happy Face Trump

Happy Face Trump

Last night I stared at the tv screen in disbelief as America elected Donald Trump to the highest office in the land, and maybe the free world. A man that embodies everything that is wrong with America right now and someone that has galvanized some truly awful people.

I would never come out and say all Trump supporters are bad or evil people; that's obviously not the case. These are people that feel hopeless, left behind and reside in a purgatory of sorts. America is falling apart from the inside out, we don't make anything anymore, our roads and bridges are in disrepair, healthcare is sketchy, and our education is a disaster. Is it a shocker that people are pissed? 

The disgusting thing about it all is that it took a guy like Trump to light this fire and a bunch of hate mongers to fuel it. We are divided but actually a lot closer to a common idea than most people think. 

Taking the gun toting, wall building, racists shit bags off the table, most of us want the same things. A safe and prosperous country, a place that leads the way by example, forward thinking and accepting of all our people. We will not always agree on everything, but some basic foundations I think are still achievable in the next ten years. 

The one thing we need to reflect on here is the internal divide that we are facing in this country and how can we mend it. 

There is a little bit of a silver lining here, though! Trump is a very cunning and calculated business man, who is somewhat socially liberal and all about shaking Washington to its foundation. That's about the only good thing that is happening here; this election has sent a message to our politicians that we are sick of their corruption, back room deals and bullshit. The Democrats pushed out Bernie Sanders with its own internal corruption and put forward the weaker candidate. It's a problem across our government, no matter what party. 

Is Trump right for America, maybe in more ways that we realize, it's just not immediately apparent. America is like the drug addict that can only recover once he hits rock bottom, this is our rock bottom, and if we galvanize ourselves and stay positive, we can turn this around.

The shitbags have always been there; now they are a lot easier to spot because they have become bolder about showing themselves. They think that they have a voice now! The hilarious part is that they probably do not, Trump most likely just tricked them with rhetoric to win the election and probably dislikes them just as much as everyone else does. He is a 1% guy, not a 99% guy; that seems pretty obvious doesn't it? 

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What we need to do as a community is simple, we need to remember the ideals of the original rave culture. I know many of you dismiss P.L.U.R. as corny or silly talk for candy kids, but the roots of it are critical. 

The rave scene back in the early 90s was a groundbreaking movement, and we seem to have forgotten that. Raves were a place where people of all backgrounds, races and sexualities were coming together and embracing one another's differences. It was a vision of what we hoped the future would be, a place for everyone.

Frankie Bones AGNT Photo

Frankie Bones - The man who came up with PLUR

Peace, love, unity and respect was born from those early parties, and that's probably the most important legacy. Frankie Bones saw something special, as many others did, and coined that acronym. In one way or another, that idea has lived on for more than 20 years and is ready for a BIG comeback. 

Garth & Thomas at an early rave - WICKED

Garth & Thomas at an early rave - WICKED

The original rave scene may be gone, but these simple ideals of dance music culture are incredibly powerful. We just need to remember to embody them in our daily lives, not just when we are dancing at a party and feeling good. 

Genuine P.L.U.R. is contagious, people that represent it are nice to be around, and I would like to think that it causes a ripple effect. It's like that person you know that always has good luck or good karma; they typically are very positive people, and that is infectious to be around. 

So Trump may have won, but that doesn't mean we can't fight back and represent what America is really about. We must refuse to let terrible ideals win, so when you think of P.L.U.R. moving forward think of it as a call to arms. Not the arms that kill, but arms that embrace and soothe. 

This ideal is what dance music culture is all about, let's not forget it!

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