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Interview: Kyle Bent is carving his name into hip hop


Kyle Bent has been gaining some serious attention lately. He's most commonly known for his collaborations with Joyner Lucas and be the breakout star from Colorado-based label Made in the Shade.

We got a chance to talk to the talented rapper and lyricist, and he tells us a little bit about going on tour, his music, and more! 

Hey Kyle, thanks for talking with us. We wanted to ask about Complex Simplicity, your new EP. What were your biggest goals going into the project release?

Making people feel reconnected with a side of themselves they hadn’t felt for a while.

We heard that one thing you do your best to avoid is using curse words in your raps. Why do you actively make this decision and how has it made you stronger as a lyricist?

Less cursing allows for me to reach a wider audience. Its allowed me to say what I want and get my point across more direct, clearer and without need for censorship. I think every good lyricist should be flexible in how theyre able to express themselves. Always looking for the cleaner alternative has broadened my way of communication.

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You've been teaming up with Joyner Lucas a lot in music, as well as the tour you have together. How did you two end up working together?

We linked up through his manager Druhv. He thought me and Joyner would make a good match for a record. Since then we've been moving pretty close. Joyner's the homie.

You work pretty extensively with Made in the Shade Records. What made you want to team up with a small label in Denver, and why do you believe passionately in this label?

Being with an independent label allows me to work more intimately with the people who fund me. I dont have to go through a middle man. I can plan, discuss, delegate and have a direct hand in everything that goes on. Having control is a must.

Finally, you've only recently dropped a project, but what can fans expect from you in 2016?

New music, new videos & more progress!

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