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Alyx Ander's single "Memories of You" is out today
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It's Friday, which for many means the release date for tracks and a great day for people like myself, who love grabbing songs and crafting a new playlist for the weekend ahead. 

With that in mind, Srey Davi and Alyx Ander's "Memories of You" is out today, and his energetic track is one for the books. His debut track, “Close Enough” ultimately reached #25 on the iTunes Electronic chart and has almost 3 million plays on Spotify. Pete Tong supported it on BBC Radio1, as did Tiesto, Don Diablo, Michael Woods, EDX, Sander Van Doorn, and many others.

We got a chance to have a quick chat with him about his work!  

You've been studying music classically for an incredibly long time. What about the electronic and dance scene drew you to displaying your music scenes through this platform versus something classical?

 It has been a while hasn't it?! Early on I noticed a lot similarities between classical and dance, from different tempos and modes to dynamics within the music. I felt they were connected and that drew me in. I remember telling my theory teacher that dance music was the logical evolution of classical and we should all study the modern masters (Tiesto, Sasha, Daft Punk)...she looked at me as if I was crazy...but it made perfect sense to me. 

Your newest track with Srey Davi has been getting some early buzz already. What prompted you to work with Davi, and what about her work enticed you about her? 

One night while I was out walking my dog, my manager sent me a recording of an artist he came across. As soon as I heard her voice, I called him back immediately and told him I needed to work with her no matter what. I just knew we could create some real magic just because her voice is so unique and haunting. Luckily, it all worked out and "Memories of You" is the result. 

You're currently the director of special operations at One Hotel in Miami's South Beach. What does this entail, and why do you think Miami is such a hotbed for dance music (i.e. why did you feel like you have such a tie to Florida's nightlife scene)?

Sometimes I feel like my title makes me sound like a secret agent lol. I oversee all music and all music bookings for our hotel. From the moment you step on property, any of the sounds you hear I've had a hand in curating. 

Miami is a culturally rich city that has a huge latin demographic. You'll stroll down Collins ave and hear Salsa, Bachata, and Samba all on the same block. The latin influence is why I feel such a strong connection to Miami since my mother is Venezuelan. Miami shares a ton of similarities to Ibiza, and I think that's why so many artists see it as a hotbed, since they have experiences here that remind them of the white island. 

Along with that, you've been getting pretty early support from a whole range of influential artists- Michael Woods, Don Diablo, and Tiësto to name a few- but who are the artists that have really inspired you? Who would your listeners be surprised to hear you're a big fan of? 

Daft Punk...I know I know...but they really are amazing! Their work is incredibly complex and simple at the same time, which is beautiful. I think people would be surprised that I grew up listening to hip-hop and found inspiration/still am inspired by artists like Wu-Tang Clan (Enter the 36 chambers), Nas (It was Written), and A Tribe Called Quest (Beats, Rhymes and Life). 

What can we expect from you for the rest of the year and beginning of 2017

After "Memories of You" drops, we're closing the book on releases for the rest of 2016. However, to kickoff 2017, I'll be performing on Groove Cruise Miami and then preparing for a much more active year :-) Lots of music and some tour dates.

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