Interview: We chat with Chambray

His debut album, 'Reliev,' is out today via Jimmy Edgar's label Ultramajic
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Ultramajic has been a fantastic record label that has been progressing the conversation of dance and electronic music. Today is the debut release of Chambray's debut album Reliev, and we chatted with the talented DJ and producer to learn more about his music-making process. 

Hi Chambray, Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. This is your debut album! Did you find yourself coming across any unexpected challenges in creating an album versus something shorter? If you were to make another album, what lessons will you definitely keep in mind the second time around? 

Hello guys, thx for interview! 

Actually, it´s tricky these days doing a "dance music” album. The creation of this one was related to some ups and down in my private life. I don´t even know yet if I would do a second album. It was just the right time for my first. Right now I´m focused on continuing with some EPs.

What prompted you to work again with Ultramajic, and what about the label drew you in initially? 

I belong to Ultramajic as an exclusive artist and I'm feeling pretty comfortable with it. In 2014 i sent the label an email over with one demo track. A few days later I sat down with the label-owner Jimmy Edgar in a cute cupcake shop for a coffee in Berlin to chat about an upcoming EP and it went from there. 

Going into the album, what expectations did you have and did the album come out in the way you thought it would initially? 

The track "Yousme” for example, which is on my upcoming Reliev LP was at first only made for my Boiler Room set I did in May 2016. Now it is the opening track on my first LP. At the time I didn´t know that I was going to do an album. Actually, the order of the tracks on the album unveils the order I produced them in.

I went through different moods during the process and I think you will recognize that in each track, especially when you listen consecutively. I took the opportunity of producing to relieve my mind of bad thoughts and to turn them into good ones. Before i knew what was happening I had done 9 tracks and I felt cured. After that it was obvious for me to release them all in one package, completing that episode in my life. I´m feeling really good now and thankful that Ultramajic were down for making this happen.

Reliev is an incredibly positive-sounding album. What would you say were the biggest influences for you in making this album? 

Thank you! The biggest influence is definitely my private life. I think when we´re having our ups and down in life it somehow allows us to be more creative. An example of this is that I´m way more creative when I´m feeling good and doing something positive. Bad thoughts can be necessary for some people to be able to create something cool and fresh. I guess it just depends on what sort of guy you are. 

Finally, what can we expect from you as we get into 2017?! 

I definitely want to try to stop remixing tracks. I´m way more focused for 2017 on doing original tracks, except of course if the conditions are great I would have to re -think. 

Thanks Chambray! You can purchase his album here. 

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