Interview: We get to know Myd of club cheval

His latest track,"No Bullshit," is out today via Bromance Records
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Myd has had a pretty busy couple of years. As one of the main contributors of Brodinski's Brava and a member of club cheval, the Lille-born Paris-based producer and DJ hasn't had a lot of time for solo work, until today. 

He's just dropped the fantastic track "No Bullshit," via Bromance Records, and to tell us a little bit about the piece, we managed to snag a few minutes with the talented artist. 

Thanks Myd for taking the time to talk to us! You've had a big release as part of club cheval, and now you've returned with a pretty heavy focus on the ATL rap scene. "No Bullshit" sort of meets in the middle in terms of production vs lyrical content. What got you interested in what's happening in the South, and why do you think France is increasingly becoming a part of what's happening in the trap scene? 

Atlanta is the creative core of the worldwide rap. All the biggest rappers of today like Gucci Mane, Future or Young Thug come from there. I love how rappers desecrate the studio as it is most of the time and use it as a tool to do a lot of music. That's how the magic happens here.

How did you meet Twice and Lil Patt? What prompted you three to work together? 

I spent a lot of time in studio in Atlanta with Brodinski working on his album Brava. I knew that at some point a track could pop up from all my trips here. At first I made this instrumental for a french singer. We share a lot of beats with Brodi and I also sent this one "just in case". The day after he sent me what is "No Bullshit." The bright and spontaneous vibe that the kids bring to the track was amazing. I was confident : It should be my next single.

Listening back to some of my favorite solo productions of yours, the Freak Andy EP instantly comes to mind. This newest track feels a lot more influenced by the pop-influenced work you were doing with club cheval. Would you say that the stuff you did as part of the band has bled into the work you do alone? 

You're right, I spent the lasts years doing R&B with Club cheval, house music for my solo project and french Hip Hop. At some point I didn't felt confortable to create borders between the styles, it's a vibe killer in studio. 

Now I just follow my producer instinct during my studio sessions, for now I'm more in a pop-influenced mood. The work with Club cheval opened my vision of working. For example, I'm just back from Los Angeles where I did sessions with a folk band. And It will sound like Myd.

We also saw that you recently released work with Maja Got It, The Homie Cashyy, Slimeball Kelly & YL GBaby, a lot of names that are still very much in the underground scene. Same with Brodinski with Maelstrom. As you dig in further and further, who are some of your favorite artists at the moment in the south? 

You have to know that at first I'm not a Rap digger. I listen to electronic music since I'm young. I mostly discovered rap with Brodi. He's the digger and he knows perfectly what kind of rap I like, I discover most of the artists thru him. I met B La B and did a session with Yakki 3 weeks ago and I have to say I'm really into both of them. 

What upcoming projects can we expect in the end of 2016/as we get into 2017? 

First I'll release a video for "No Bullshit" that we directed with Will Hoopes in Atlanta. And I'm already working on a new EP, there might be a rap track in it but it sounds really electronic for now. We're also going back in studio with Club cheval to write what will be our next adventures. 

Finally, you've been with Bromance since its inception and I've always viewed the label more as a family. What does the label mean to you, and where do you see the future of it? Will we be seeing more cross-sections of hip hop and electronic music, and will the family be ever-expanding into the southern music scenes? 

Bromance is a family who grew around Brodinski. As he's really focused on rap, of course the label is naturally following this direction. But also celebrating the 5th anniversary of the label this month and looking backwards, you can see that Bromance is also made of lots of surprises. 

Thanks Myd! You can purchase the track here

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