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Interview: We Talk to Chris Lorenzo about his debut album, 'Destroy the Image'

'Destroy the Image' is out now via Sixty6Music.

Chris Lorenzo has been a name that's been steadily building a strong reputation for themselves in the dance music scene. He's been spending the last part of 2016 focusing on the release of his stunning debut album, Destroy the Image. 

We sat down with the UK-based talent recently as we talked about working on a debut release, collaborating with DJ Zinc, and 2017!

Hi Chris, thanks for taking the time to talk to us! You're gearing up to release Destroy The Image. What does that phrase mean to you, and how does the music on your album accomplish this? 

Hi guys, well the album name was inspired by the fight scene in bruce lee's "enter the dragon" which is aptly titled 'destroy the image'. For me it has many meanings (i could be here for a while) but more personally, I've always tried to define myself within a certain bpm when I'm producing and in doing so you restrict yourself, so i guess its about destroying my perspective on how I've been making music. I want to be open minded to other avenues and to try and expand my creativity in to unexplored territory. i don't want to be remembered as just that bass music guy y' know, so maybe on this album and over the next few years you will be sure to hear some different sides to my production.  

In the same vein, will a lot of the work reflect the recently released "Come Down?" What can we expect for the rest of the album? 

That's probably as tough as it's going to get this time around, I've always tried to cross the spectrum with my work so it's fairly diverse across a similar tempo, I'll leave it for the listeners to make up their minds.

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We also heard that you're working with DJ Zinc on this album. How was it to work with the veteran DJ, and what was the collaborative process like? 

He's useless he hasn't got a clue what he's doing, nah for real though he was a huge inspiration on me growing up and still now. He's got one of the best studios I've worked in, I can see why his music has such a signature style which is pretty rare these days. its analog heaven in there. We are pretty like-minded with our direction so it doesn't take long to get something laid out. We got plans to do loads more stuff so be sure to keep an eye out. 

This album is your first official full-length release. What would you say were the greatest challenges, and if you had to go into it again, what advice would you wish you knew? 

Probably finding time to do studio in between touring, after a long weekend of shows it can leave you quite drained sometimes. Also I had to get the idea out of my head that every track should be a banger, it shouldn't be forced, therefore I didn't put myself under too much pressure this time around, so there's undoubtedly room for improvement for my next few albums. I'll be planning the next few projects in more depth. 

Finally, you're ending 2016 with a full-length release, but what can fans expect from you in 2017? 

I [have] an US/Canada tour from Jan-Feb, then loads more UK dates, I have a few more collabs in the pipeline, plus I'll be working on another album to drop before the summer.

Thanks Chris! The new album, Destroy the Image, is out now. Purchase via iTunes here

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