Interview: We talk to Kill Paris as he returns to his moniker

He's also dropped "Junkie" with Nevve.
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Last year Kill Paris changed his name after the tragedy in France. He changed his name to Chill Harris for the better part of 2016. He's since returned to Kill Paris with his newest track "Junkie." 

We chatted with the talented producer about his new music, 2017, and changing his name back! 

Hey Kill Paris! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us! How does it feel now that you've dropped "Junkie" under your original stage name again and it's been about a week since the release? Do you find that it's comfortable or do you feel like you have to relearn how to be under that moniker again?

It's been a great way to "come back." Junkie is really a reflection of what I went through during the last year. If I would have never changed my name in the first place, I don't think that song would have ever happened. It's definitely the "saddest" song I've released, but it means a lot to me. It feels good to put out really honest work.

What prompted you to return to your original name with your latest track "Junkie" as opposed to anything else you've released over the course of the year?

I have a couple other songs that I was thinking of using as the first release, but Junkie just felt right to me. It's a reflection of the time I had been through and what happened in my life over the last year.

To go along with that, the song has been incredibly well received, but for those that may not have had a chance to listen to the song yet, how would you describe the piece?

It's a love song that's a breakup song and a breakup song that's a love song. It's not about hating a person, it's about hating the chemistry that makes you love a person.

What prompted you to work with Nevve for this track?

I think we scheduled a session just to see if we could write anything together. We clicked pretty quick and she really dug the instrumental to Junkie. Then we just sat and wrote the lyrics together. It went quite smooth because I think we were both on the same wave length.

Finally, what can we expect from you in 2017?

Lots of new music and fun Instagram stories from me. Working really hard on my label Sexy Electric. Lots of great music coming out of there from people like Virtu, Xie, Midoca, and Pluto. Other than that, just working on living a better life!

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