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Interview: We talk to NZ producer Kamandi

We also have the soundcloud premiere of "The Mould."

Kamandi has been on a roll in 2016, and he shows no sign of slowing down. The New Zealand born producer has been changing the game across the globe, and so we were excited to have the opportunity to chat with the talented artist. 

We also have the soundcloud premiere of his track "The Mould" and it's getting us already for the weekend! 

We learn more about him and the track below. 

Hey Kamandi, thanks for talking with us! You recently released Sicklove Paradise EP, congrats! Can you tell us who/what influenced you in your newest project?

Thanks for reaching out. I guess I’m influenced by all different types of music (I probably find something influential in any song ever), so this EP draws inspiration from so many different places it’s hard to hone in on one. The overall idea for this release is to draw on my broad taste in music to make something that truly represents me.

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To go along with that, you've released a lot of tracks this year, how do you keep yourself motivated and constantly working? Was it different putting an EP project together versus uploading one off tracks and remixes?

I’ve never needed to find ways to keep motivated to work on music. I can honestly say I'm working music pretty much every single day of my life. Music is the reason for my existence. It’s my outlet my elixir and my best friend. It definitely was different to do this whole EP coming from dropping loads of singles though. For me the fun part is making it so like when I have to sit on music for a while to build a whole body of work it’s easy for me to get over songs or want to change things. I really had to set strict deadlines to finally get this together but I’m really happy I did it.

We're doing a premiere of "The Mould" today, for people who haven't quite pressed play yet, how would you describe this track?

I guess coming from New Zealand we are influenced a lot by like dingy club/rave music coming from the UK but also a lot of US influence, so this was me fusing all of that and then trying to break ‘The Mould’. A lot of music sounds the same to me which is cool but I really am obsessed with finding my own lane.

You've worked with a lot of different people this year. How is the process different when collaborating versus a solo piece?

I feel like a solo piece is like a raw way to paint my own picture but working with writers / rappers / singers and even other producers is more like finding a common vision and then putting a puzzle together. Both are important parts of what I do.

Finally, what can we expect from you in 2017?

I’m trying to do everything I possibly can and sleep when I’m dead. More solo releases, super high profile collaborations and keeping on trying to better myself.

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