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Interview: We talk to Promises Ltd.

The duo make magic with their new music.

Promises Ltd., comprising of Chrome Sparks' Jeremy Malvin and Miniature Tigers' Charlie Brand, has been releasing some great music since their official inception earlier this year. While the two are veteran musicians in the music industry, they're changing it up and working together, and have recently dropped a four-track EP that we haven't been able to stop playing. 

We had a chance to catch the busy guys, and we learned more about the project!  

Hey guys, thanks for talking to us! You've released a duo project, but you've been involved in creating music professionally for quite a while. What prompted you two to team up and work together for an album?

Charlie Brand: We've been friends for a long time and have worked on music together previously. It really started with us just wanting to hang out one night and make some music for fun. It only really became an EP once we kept writing and realized it was taking on a life of it's own.

Chrome Sparks is largely a solo project, while Charlie, you've been in a band (Miniature Tigers) for quite a while now. Was it a different change of pace to focus on an album as a duo versus working with a few people or working alone? What were the biggest challenges? And on the flip side, what were the biggest achievements you felt personally in making this?

CB: While it's true I've been in more of a band dynamic but I write a majority of the music for it, so it's not that different from Jeremy's situation. A big change for me is that I didn't really play any instruments on this record. I would have opinions and ideas but I didn't touch a keyboard the entire time. I trust Jeremy's instincts so much that I never really fought him over any of it. It was fun to just focus on vocal melodies and lyrics and play a new role in that way.

Jeremy Malvin: Though I used to expect the contrary, it's wonderfully liberating to have a trusted collaborator's input and expertise during the process of creating a song. Generally when I'm working on my own stuff, parts in which I don't have full confidence tend to become wasted time spent figuring out what works best. While collaborating with Charlie, those hours (or even days) spent fussing over the right sound, note, chord, or form can become minutes of discussion that directly lead to implementation, before moving on to the next bit. Working alone is a beautiful thing in that one can painstakingly dive into one's own creative rabbit hole, but there is certainly something to be said about having someone back on solid ground with a strong rope to rescue you before you get lost in wonderland.

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What prompted you to work and release via Majestic Casual?

CB:We were originally going to self release the EP but Majestic came to us at the last minute and it seemed to fit.

JM: Majestic is a known name and outlet with a large and loyal following for a specific world of music that we more or less fit into. Felt like a no brainer!

You've both been in the music game for a while. If you had to give newcomers any experience, what would you say?

CB: Always be writing new music. It's easy to get hung up on what you are doing in that moment but real growth comes from moving forward all the time.

JM: Agreed! You have to make approximately a million shit tracks before your killer track. Don't let the fifteenth shit track you make discourage you.

What can we expect from you guys in 2017 (either in this project or individually)?

CB: I want to write more Promises Ltd!  

JM: So do I! It's on :)

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