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Korg Unveils More New Synths

Korg announces three more synthesizers to add to their already impressive lineup

What a year for us gear heads. It seems that every day, news from our favorite companies comes with exciting new product announcements. With Pioneer and Native Instruments dominating the DJing side of things, companies like Roland, Arturia, and Korg have been just as strong in the studio realm. Just this past September, Korg gave us the Odyessy desktop, Volca Kick, and the new MicroKORG. Today, we get three more synth announcements. 

Read: Korg Announces Three New Synths

The KingKORG Black: While nothing changes under the hood, Korg's leading 61-key analog modeling synth is being released in a sleek all black case, in limited numbers. 150 to be exact. Getting your hands on one could be tough, as people like to buy exclusive things. But should you be lucky enough to own one, it sure is a mighty fine sight to behold.


The KingKORG in black. 

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The ARP ODYSSEi: Hot on the heels of their recently released ARP desktop, Korg has created an even more portable version with the ARP ODYSSEi, an iPhone/iPad app of the legendary analog synthesizer. That's not all, however, as the app allows you to go even further with new voice assigning, which enables you to play chords and an arpeggiator that acts much like a step sequencer.



An iPad running the Odyssey app. 

The Korg monologue: Korg struck serious gold earlier this year with the minilogue, an all analog synthesizer that not only sounded great, but was extremely easy and fun to learn. Building off this success, the monologue is as it sounds, mono, where the mini was polyphonic. Other features include a new 2-pole VCF, microtuning capabilities that has never been seen on an analog synth in it's class, and an E-E key bed, as opposed to the normal C-C. Korg says this is to allow those super low bass notes to always be at the ready. And if all of this wasn't enough, the monologue also comes in five different colors! 


The monologue, in all it's variations.

Korg once again has stepped up to the plate and delivered. The under $500 synthesizer market is constantly in-flux of who's on top, and it appears there is a serious rivalry starting to form between Arturia and Korg on the analog side of things. With the holidays just around the corner, which is scary to think, Korg may have just declared victory in the budget studio realm. 

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