Listen - New deadmau5 tunes from new album W:/2016ALBUM/ + release date updates

Listen to the new deadmau5 tunes "Crampy Bitch" and "4ware"
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The wait is almost over for 'W:/2016ALBUM/' the new studio album from deadmau5. The mau5 has tweeted a December 2nd release for the new album, the first full-length record since 2014's while(1<2). 

He has also revealed plans to premiere an updated live show online to coincide with the December 2nd release date. 

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Pete Tong dropped a new tune called "4ware" from the new record in his Essential Mix program along with a quick interview. Listen below.

There is also allegedly another cut from the album called "Crampy Bitch" that is floating around on YT from his live performance at Ultra Singapore. 

The sounds of the two new tunes feel very much like classic deadmau5 which has fans whipped up into a frenzy. 

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