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MasterSounds and Union Audio join forces to create a new 2 channel Analogue Rotary DJ Mixer

The individually crafted mixers will start at £1200.
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Audiophiles, today we've heard about a truly unique product that's definitely worth splurging on as we get closer to Christmas and the overall holiday season. 

MuterSounds founder Ryan Shaw has teamed up with Andy Rigby-Jones, a leading figure in DJ mixer design, whose company Union Audio engineered Richie Hawtin’s recently launched PLAYdifferently MODEL 1 DJ production mixer. MuterSounds has also teamed up with Discogs, R&S Records and Fabric in the past for custom designs. 

The Radius 2 offers a fantastic clean, open and dynamic sound on both LINE and RIAA inputs, as well as great usability. The mixer also features easy-reading VU meters, a responsive Master EQ/Isolator, a smooth natural sounding hi-pass filter on each channel, and an AUX send/Return system for easy integration of external effects.

Radius 2 BLACK Final.jpeg

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Rigby-Jones comments-

“The heart of the Radius 2 is a carefully designed audio signal path, marrying classic analogue circuitry to the latest high performance components and design techniques, all of which contribute to the superb transparency of the mixer.”

Shaw also notes- 

“I deal with customers on a daily basis who are interested in audio upgrades, and central to the setup is usually a rotary mixer. Going back to the 70’s and the original disco era, DJs like Larry Levan of the Paradise Garage were obsessed with sound; Larry’s music choice was to play disco through a rotary mixer and a great sound system. Now people want to play their records as the original DJs did back in the 70’s as there is something purer about mixing without using faders.”


Prices start at £1200 including VAT, and £1350 including VAT for the even higher specification version. Both available in black and silver colour options. 

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