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The guys behind Limitless Life and KATY just might be on to something BIG

The idea that we can supplement hard hitting illegal street drugs like MDMA with safe herbal/plant based alternatives has been around for a while. Many people have been trying to find the safe version of MDMA's euphoria for a long time now and without much success. Remember Herbal Ecstasy, yeah... exactly. 

With today's more advanced science in the field of nootropics (see below) there has actually been real progress made towards this creating this type of product. We got the chance to talk with one of the cofounders of Limitless Life to get a better perspective on nootropics and to learn more about their MDMA/Molly alternative, KATY

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Update: We finally tested the product, you can read the full review HERE  / KATY Website HERE

Tell us a little bit about how Limitless High (Company is now called Limitless Life) and the KATY product came about?

LL: A little over seven years ago I was working with an online marketing expert and was introduced to one of the strategic partners. At the time this guy was transitioning into a new company that was offering people high-quality nootropics.

We quickly became friends and as he got to know me better and my tendencies to go out and have a great time he started sending me a new product of his that I could take for enhanced euphoria when I went out dancing.

Over the next couple years with my feedback and sharing it with my friends and his other customers we developed the product to be incredibly powerful.

Also during that time I had a night out with some friends for my birthday and had a horrible experience with another illegal ingestible that I will not name. My come down and recovery lasted for over three months, and I promised myself I never wanted to experience that again.

So once we got the product to the potency I was proud of, I took a week to come up with the brand and build the website and launch it to the world.

Since our launch, we've made a number of subtle but effective enhancements to the product. KATY continues to progress in terms of both effective and sustained euphoria. And how we improve the brain long-term.

What exactly are nootropics? What do they do?

LL: Nootropics are a general term for supplements both natural and chemical that have the ability to pass through the blood-brain barrier to enhance neurological performance.

Some improve available oxygen to the brain. Others enhance the neurotransmitter choline, which, in the right quantities, improves thinking and memory. Others like dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine either excite or inhibit certain brain functions.

The brain has roughly 86 billion neurons. So that's a pretty big playground to work with when it comes to enhancing performance.

The right "stack" of nootropics, adaptogens, antioxidants, neurostimulants and choline donors can provide an incredible response to the brain.

The result is, with the right formulas, you can get the brain to perform at levels far above your baseline. This is a rare property that has tremendous potential if you are taking the right ones. In the right combinations.

Many natural, plant based nootropics are what some would call the "super" aspect of some specialized "super foods."

The most appealing part of nootropics is the potential they have to support us with improving our functionality including memory, clarity of thought, creativity, confidence, optimism. As well as repairing the damage we have done in the past. 

What's In KATY

What's In KATY

What can people expect to feel when they take your KATY product? What’s inside that causes the effect?

Well because the human brain is so complex and everyone's systems are so different, the experience will vary. For the most part what people will notice first is a brighter outlook and disposition. You will be more open and wanting to connect with others, to go out and be social.

Secondly, they will notice a general desire to move and be active. And it is good to note that the more you move, the more you will feel it. It compounds with blood flow increasing neurochemicals through the blood brain barrier (the BBB).

Third, the feeling of euphoria will start to kick in, and every cell in the body will be tingling and feel lighter. For me, it is similar to that immediate after feeling of when you just had the most amazing sex ever, and you feel light yet stimulated in all your cells.

So what causes this? That is some complicated science. South Islanders often use an earthy Kava drink as their primary conversational elixir. The challenge is, pure kava (and the active ingredients, including kavalactones) produces too subtle an effect. And it takes grams (20-30, or two tablespoons) in an oil-rich liquid form to achieve a good, relaxing kava effect.

Our development team worked from the desired neurochemicals back to the raw plants. We call it "PlantToPill™" - meaning that once we knew the desired effect, based on the levels of neurochemicals in the brain, we could work backward to the amount of raw plant required to refine and enhance the process.

Our development team has over 20+ years of experience, and we invest more than 40 hours a week on dedicated Neurological Research and Development. And organic chemistry.

So this nootropic stack is quite complex. There are more than a dozen nutrients, plant distillates and nootropics in each capsule. Each working in concert to trigger specific neurochemicals and enhance their performance.

The essential science: The combination works with the feel good neurotransmitters serotonin, dopamine, and gaba. So both excitatory and inhibitory neurotransmitters in cycles that support optimum performance.

It works with the brain to stimulate production in a sustainable manner.

KATY also performs some select repairs (toxin and calcium/potassium buildup scavenging) that improve the functionality of the synapses. SO they don't have to work as hard to transmit neurochemicals between the synapse, from neuron to neuron.

There is a small amount of pure, organic green tea caffeine, hordenine, theacrine and higenamine (all plant derived) to improve receptor response. The combination provides a series of gentle, overlapping stimulant curves that keep you from experiencing fatigue as your brain accelerates performance. (Keep in mind that more brain activity means more glucose is being used within the brain. In some cases, nootropic formulas will increase glucose burn inside the brain by 150% to 300% or more.)

In summary, all these feel good neurotransmitters are flowing in the system, and circulation is increased plus a ton of other amazing things that account for this experience.

This is the stuff you DON'T WANT

This is the stuff you DON'T WANT

As you are probably aware there have been many attempts at creating legal herbal stimulants, like herbal ecstasy, why did none of these work?

LL: For one, this type of product is heavily watched. You have to take extreme caution with what you say and how you market it. Since 1993, our team has been working in bleeding-edge nutritionals. With an emphasis on those that enhance cognitive performance.

Secondly, science and technology, as well as access to information, is progressing so much each day. We are fortunate to be on this side of innovation at this point in time. The National Health Service, NCBI, Pubmed, Examine.com and other research services now publish much of their work online. When you know what to look for and are willing to commit to long-term research and testing, you can do some incredible things. We are definitely making the most of this.

This is not a product to us. This is one element in a host of solutions to help people live a more fulfilling, engaging and high-performance life.

One thing to note: we have gone the extra mile to ensure that we use the highest quality ingredients possible. We work closely with various farms all over the world where we lease plots of land to organically and sustainably grow the plants that we source our materials from. Our PlantToPill™ commitment means your experience isn't tainted with pesticides or other chemicals.

We also "eat our own dog food" as they say in Silicon Valley tech circles. We use the products we make, daily. We have formulas that increase all manner of cognitive performance. KATY is but one of a number of performance enhancement solutions we are releasing over the next year.

Bottom-line is, every day we are doing all we can to ensure we are around for as long as possible as well offering a product that is as effective as possible for as many people we can.

Are there any possible side effects from taking this product? Does it work on everyone?

LL: Outside of "does this really work?", this is the most common question we get.The key thing to know about our products is that we have over 20+ years of experience with nootropics and work 40+ hours a week on product development and education. We take our solutions daily (not KATY daily, of course. But subset and supersets of the KATY formula).

On a personal side, our products are really inspired by our own first-hand experience of the negative side of illicit and prescription drugs. Including dealing with our own addictions, seeing family members have their addictions and our loved ones lives ending because of these addictions.

If you've ever experienced someone you love going down the path of addiction, drug abuse and the resulting health challenges - including death - you know why we are so driven to create not just safe, but restorative solutions.

This isn't just a product. This is our mission.

This product is made to be as healthy as possible with minimal risk. In fact, KATY actually builds a better brain (through neurogenesis - the stimulation of new brain cells - and detoxification.) After just one experience you may experience a higher functioning brain.

We have helped thousands of people all over the world get off hardcore illicit street and prescription drugs. In their own words, we have "saved" some otherwise truly desperate lives.

A handful of people out of the thousands who have taken it have reported that they have experienced nausea and have got sick to their stomach, but this can be for a multitude of reasons. 

A few of them include:

1 - Our concentration of kava. If too many, or taken too fast, can be too much for sensitive stomachs.

2 - If you have an unknown allergy to one of our ingredients.

3 - If you take the KATY capsule with wine or hard alcohol. You can drink alcohol while also experiencing KATY. But when you actually take the capsule we suggest taking it with water. And waiting 45-90 minutes for it to reach peak blood concentration before diving into alcohol, weed or more KATY. (Where legal, of course.)

4 - If you haven't eaten for a few hours and take on a completely empty stomach. We suggest you take it about an hour after eating. You can also take with your favorite health drink (eg Kombucha, Chai Tea, etc...).

As for effectiveness: we have an 85% success rate with the original KATY product. It may not work for some people who have adrenal fatigue or have done too much damage to their neurotransmitter receptors over the years. (NOTE: We can help those clients as well, with either recommendations, prohormone supplements, or just getting a good night's sleep once in a while. C'mon people! Take a break once in a while!)

In addition, we have a product soon to be released called CHLOE that will help your nightly cerebral spinal fluid do its job more effectively, as it detoxes your brain (yes, the reason you feel so good after a full night's sleep has much to do with your body's own detoxification process. 

Here's a great TED talk on the subject  

CHLOE also works to remove excess calcium and potassium buildup on the neuron pumps, improving their ability to transfer neurochemicals across the neuron gap. This can help you to think clearer and respond better to supplements and nootropics.

Also good to note is that if you are on any medication for mood disorders, we suggest not taking it.

All in all, KATY is very safe. It is loaded with some of the highest quality forms of plant-based nutrients available. In a combination developed specifically to enhance both pleasure AND performance.

What does KATY actually mean, aside from a tongue in cheek reference to Molly?

LL: Hah! Yes, so KATY definitely came from the inspiration to want to follow the creative marketing of certain substances we are all familiar with, but the K also stands for Kava Kava which is one of the stars of this product.

Plus, aren't most KATY's you know just pure hotness? Yeah, I feel the very same way, too.

What other products are you currently working on right now? When can we expect to see a wider availability of the product?

LL: Well we definitely believe in doing one thing at a time and doing it the best we can.

However, there is a natural evolution occurring here. One of the things we are hearing is that people are expressing their concern for the prior damage they may have done to their brain.

So we have a product coming out called CHLOE that cleanses the brain of heavy metals and repairs synaptic receptors, so people will have the ability to think clearer. This also makes supplements such as KATY more potent. Because the receptors aren't plugged with toxins and detritus left over from that last great rave.

This will also help us increase our 85% success rate.

In addition, we are realizing that some people just have really strong constitutions. They want a more intense experience. So we are coming out with KATY•XXX, which will actually be a drink mix and capsule/KATY combo that people are going to absolutely love.

There are a few other products being talked about and worked on, but we will leave some anticipation for those, they are game changers.

Is this about getting high and making money or is there a bigger mission to this?

LL: This is a great question, thank you for asking it. Our team comes from the human potential industry which is all about improving oneself professionally, personally and spiritually. And we certainly carry that philosophy into this company.

This is about having a great time but doing it in a way that we can then go into our everyday life and pursue our potential, our desires, dreams, and goals.

And doing it at an elevated level than we ever thought possible. Being able to experience the full effects of KATY, doesn't mean you have to create real damage to your brain and body.

In fact, we believe you can not only have a kick-ass experience. But also "get better" with each dose. Add CHLOE, and you can dramatically reduce former damage and future life, chemical and stress-related damages as well.

Plus: No crash after Katy is a definite plus.

Learn more about KATY here

Dolan Ramsay - CoFounder of Limiteless Life - Bio

Dolan Ramsay is an entrepreneur whose desire is to help others pursue their highest and greatest good. He has produced tv shows in Hollywood, consulted Fortune 100 CEO's and has positively impacted hundreds of millions of people with his brands, products, and messages all over the world. 

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