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Mellow out to new Shigeto called "What Are We Made Of?"

The track is a free download, with any and all proceeds going towards Planned Parenthood
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Admittedly one of the (many) concerns I had with a Trump presidency was reproductive rights, and it seems like many people are examining the potential consequence of the next four years with the same heavy heart that I have.  

In order to prevent what we can, people are quickly acting together to promote donating to Planned Parenthood, and many artists are providing music in return for a donation to the health clinic. 

Shigeto, notably famous for being an artist at Ghostly, has just released this stunning track with this exact same deal. 

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The song is solemn and yet enchanting and mesmerizing, a perfect parallel to the sentiments of the younger generation. You can stream the track in its entirety below, or purchase the track via Bandcamp

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