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Let's kick this music video premiere off with a largely objective fact - you don't come across many music videos placed in a decommissioned nuclear power station. Yet, Sailor & I does just that at Ågesta Nuclear Plant near Stockholm in the new "Black Swan" music video.

The music of Sailor & I, and "Black Swan" is no exception, always strikes me as wonderfully well rounded with bright sensations, deep emotions. Yet, it dawns on me when I listen, to get to that point of tremendous humanity, Sailor & I confronts technology with all its limitations, but he ultimately seduces the machines to bring his music into reality. This music video is visually victorious in communicating this 'man vs. machine' aesthetic. 

"The way I see it, the scariest places on earth were all created by humans, and this brings a quote to mind, which reflects both the song and the video: 'Through the darkness of the pathways that we march, evil and good live side by side. This is the nature of life.'” - Sailor & I

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The concept of the video was conceived by director Martin Falck to shoot in a power plant to establish a dark, non-human backdrop. Then, juxtaposing the lively and vibrant choreography of the Unruly Sweden dance group with Sailor & I at the controls, there is a strong visual clash between the warmth of humanity and the technological coldness of a power station.

It's simple. It's elegant. It's an impressive success for none other than an impressive musician. So, the contemporary narrative of man vs. machine place out successfully in this video, but it does so in a much more meditative manner, rather than with violence and fear. I've said it before, I say it now, and I assure you I'll say it again - bravo, Sailor & I!

Also, put in your calendar, Sailor & I's debut album the Invention of Loneliness is coming February 24th on Skint. It's not something you should sleep on.

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